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Accuracy of Our Website Content

We work hard to ensure that the information on this website is accurate and up-to-date. However, the law changes quickly, and errors and omissions may occur. The material on this website is designed to be helpful but does not constitute – and nor is it designed to replace – legal advice. 

Please do not rely on any information contained within this site without first checking the accuracy of the information with us or taking specialised legal advice tailored to your situation. We, therefore, disclaim all liability for your use of the information on this site.


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Cybercrime and Scams

Cybercrime is increasing, so it’s essential to be vigilant and look out for anything suspicious. A scam is a type of fraud that criminals use to trick you into giving them money and personal details. Fraudsters often use the names of lawyers, solicitors and law firms to make themselves appear genuine and increase their chances of tricking victims into sending money to them.


Scams can be emails, text messages, telephone calls or direct mail, which seem legitimate and very convincing. It is essential to be vigilant and carefully verify any unusual requests or suspicious communications purporting to come from the firm.

Be careful if someone asks you to send sensitive personal information or money or purports to notify you of changes to critical business information by email.


If you receive unusual communications purporting to be from Axis Solicitors or any of our solicitors or employees about which you are uncertain or suspicious, please get in touch with us immediately. You can email to or the partner in charge of compliance directly:


If you have been a scam victim, we will encourage you to report this to the police via We will not be able to assist you in recovering any money you have lost, and we will not be responsible for any losses resulting from scam communications, but we will take this matter seriously. We will report all scams and identity fraud incidents to the police and Solicitors Regulation Authority.

You can find more information about current frauds, cybercrime and scams involving lawyers on the Solicitors Regulation Authority website



We will keep your information confidential unless

  • Your consent to the disclosure of that information;

  • Disclosure of the information is required or permitted by law or regulatory requirements that apply to us; or

  • The Terms of Business state otherwise.

Organisations we may be required to disclose your information to include:

  • The National Crime Agency;

  • Domestic and international tax 

  • Regulatory Authorities.

Unless you instruct us otherwise, we may contact you or others by email. We deploy various information security measures but cannot guarantee the security of information or documents sent by email. Please let us know if you wish to refrain from emailing information.

Sometimes, we ask other companies or people to market our accounts and do typing and photocopying on our files to help us deliver efficient, cost-effective legal services. We ensure all outsourcing providers operate under service agreements consistent with our legal and professional obligations, including confidentiality. Our Privacy Policy sets out information on outsourcing concerning your personal data.


External organisations such as the Information Commissioner’s Office and the SRA may conduct audits or quality checks on our practice from time to time. They may wish to audit or quality checks your file and related papers for this purpose. We will require that these external organisations maintain confidentiality concerning any files and documents that are audited or quality checked.


Somebody may also review your files in a due diligence exercise relating to the transfer or the sale of all or part of our business, the acquisition of another business by us or the addition of a new business. If you do not wish to use your file this way, please let us know as soon as possible.



We aim to provide outstanding service at all times. However, if you feel unhappy about any aspect of the service you have received, you should contact us and let us know as soon as possible. Please email our Compliance Officer, Faret Bibi, at or contact our support at, and we will investigate the matter promptly and carefully and provide a written response. You can download the complete Complaints Procedure as a PDF. We hope we resolve any issues between us and that you will be satisfied with the outcome. However, if you have allowed us time (usually at least eight weeks) to resolve the problem and remain unhappy, you may be entitled to complain to the Legal Ombudsman.


The contact details are:

Legal Ombudsman,
PO Box 6167,

Tel: 0300 555 0333




The Ombudsman usually expects you to allow us at least eight weeks to resolve the matter. There is a six months time limit for referral of complaints to the Ombudsman from the date of your last contact with us. 


Any complaints to the Legal Ombudsman must usually be made within one year of the act or omission about which you are complaining; or within one year from when you should have known about or become aware that there were grounds for complaint.


Please see for further information.


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