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Our client-focused UK law firm employs highly skilled and experienced solicitors committed to delivering exceptional legal guidance and representation to individuals, businesses, and organisations nationwide. We also accept remote clients worldwide in legal matters regarding UK law.

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By hiring us, you will no longer have to worry about the complexities of immigration law that can be confusing due to the strict and lengthy process. The lack of understanding you have may make it difficult for you to enter and remain in the UK since even after obtaining a visa, immigrants are subject to compliance with immigration rules, and if you violate them, you may be deported. The process of mastering immigration law is not easy, so always hire an experienced and professional immigration solicitor.

Expert UK Solicitors

Axis Solicitors is counted among the top-rated law firms in the UK. We have experienced lawyers with offices in all major cities across the UK.

Our solicitors can deal with sensitive legal issues, such as Personal Immigration, Business Immigration, Personal Injury, Family Law, Civil Litigation matters, and many more.

Axis Solicitors provides instant and hassle-free solutions for our clients. Our highly qualified, experienced, and knowledgeable solicitors will advise you accordingly and swiftly handle your case. Our team of experts will ensure you receive the best possible advice and guidance, leading to a successful outcome.

Axis Solicitors’ Outstanding Legal Help

Axis Solicitors is a UK-based law firm based in several major cities of the UK, i.e., Manchester, London and Birmingham.

We specialise in all types of immigration matters, and with our years of experience and excellent success rate, Axis Solicitor is recognised as one of the UK’s premier law firms.

The lack of understanding can create barriers for you to enter and remain in the UK, as even after acquiring a visa, immigrants are subject to unique regulations. If you violate these rules, you may face deportation.

Mastering immigration law isn’t easy, so always go for experienced Solicitors. Hiring us will void the complexities of immigration law, which can confuse potential immigrants about what is expected of them throughout the process.


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Our Services

Our qualified and experienced UK Solicitors at Axis Solicitors offer reliable, dedicated legal support nationwide. Our clients come from across the UK and abroad via remote consultations.

Get expert help in all areas of UK law with our affordable legal services. You can find our offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester.

UK personal immigration under various categories allows individuals to enter and remain in the UK. We are experts in UK visa applications, leave to remain, extension, and settlement options.

Fiancé(e) Visa Asylum | Visa Fee Waivers 

UK Business immigration visas allow skilled professionals and entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses in the UK and contribute to the country’s economy.

Start-Up Visa | Innovator Founder Visa | Sponsorship Licence | Global Business Mobility Visa | | Self-Sponsorship Skilled Worker Visa | Scale-Up Visa | Civil Penalty | 

Family law focuses on issues involving matrimonial, finance, and child law. Our team is dedicated to understanding each case and achieving the best possible outcome.

Divorce | Agreements | Finances | Child Matters | Injunctions | Non-Molestation Orders | Domestic Violence |

Business crime usually involves financial, economic, and corporate crimes like fraud and theft, which are typically perpetrated with sophisticated means to gain financial gain. We provide rapid and confidential advice on dealing with investigations as they arise.

We can fight and navigate the complexities for you if you are injured in an accident caused by someone else’s negligence, whether it is a car accident or medical malpractice.

You may be entitled to compensation if you have suffered harm or injury because of a medical professional’s negligence. Medical negligence can include incorrect diagnosis, surgical errors, wrongly prescribed medication, or failure to obtain informed consent.

Axis Solicitors offers legal services for various civil litigation matters, such as contract disputes, property disputes, employment disputes, personal injury claims, professional negligence, medical negligence and mediation.

The firm has a team of expert solicitors who have in-depth knowledge and experience in civil litigation laws and procedures.

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Legal Services That Delivers Results

We understand that navigating legal challenges can be daunting. That is why we offer complimentary initial consultations with our qualified solicitors, allowing you to discuss your case in detail and receive expert guidance tailored to your unique circumstances.

Our Presence Across the United Kingdom

At Axis Solicitors Limited, we have highly experienced solicitors who can assist you with all of your legal matters.

Client-Focused Legal Representation in Manchester

At Axis Solicitors, in Manchester we are dedicated to providing exceptional legal services with transparency and affordability. Located on Cheetham Hill Road, our qualified solicitors offer competitively priced services with transparent fixed-fee pricing, packages upfront.

Our team has extensive experience across various legal areas, including UK Immigration Law, Family Law, Business Crime, Civil Litigation, Clinical Negligence, and Personal Injury.

With a proven track record of delivering great value and outstanding legal support, Axis Solicitors has become a trusted choice in Manchester, as well as internationally via remote consultations. Our commitment to client satisfaction and our expertise across diverse legal matters set us apart.

Trusted Immigration Solicitors in London

Our affordable solicitors in London are highly reliable, dedicated, and well-trained SRA-regulated immigration specialists. Conveniently located in Ilford, to serve the whole Greater London area, the office provides easy access for clients seeking competitive legal services. 

Nevertheless, if you prefer the convenience of remote services, our London team is readily available to accommodate your needs through virtual consultations. Regardless of how you choose to interact with us, Axis Solicitors in London will put your needs first. 

We offer top-rated and affordable legal services in Immigration, Family Law, Business Crime, Civil Litigation, Medical Negligence, and Personal Injury Claims.

Birmingham Solicitors, Ready to Help – Locally or Remotely

Our Birmingham team offers expert legal guidance in Personal and Business Immigration, Family Law, Business Crime, Civil Litigation, Clinical Negligence, and Personal Injury Claims. Get competitive pricing and personalised service, whether you are local to the Birmingham area or consulting with us remotely. 

Regardless if you reside in the UK or overseas, our Birmingham office is only a call away and always welcomes remote clients.

Contact us today to get legal assistance.

Distance Should Never Be a Barrier to Exceptional Legal Representation

Axis Solicitors offers remote legal services for clients across the UK and globally. Our firm leverages cutting-edge technology to provide seamless communication and collaboration, ensuring distance is never a barrier to exceptional legal representation.

Through secure video conferencing, virtual consultations, and online document sharing, we maintain a close working relationship with remote clients. Our dedicated team is adept at navigating the intricacies of remote legal services, ensuring your case receives the same level of attention and commitment as if you were present in our physical office.

We offer legal insights and guidance on immigration (personal & business), family law, business crime defence, personal injury claims, medical negligence, and civil disputes.

Key Changes in 2024

Key Changes in 2024 As we continue through 2024, the UK’s immigration system is witnessing changes, reflecting the government’s focus on reducing net migration. These


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Axis Solicitors specialises in solving your legal challenges. 

Our Expertise Includes:

  • Immigration (Personal & Business): Navigating UK visas and pathways to citizenship.
  • Family Matters: Divorce, child arrangements, and Islamic divorce proceedings
  • Protecting Your Rights: Personal injury, civil disputes, and medical negligence claims.
  • Business Success: Corporate law, commercial litigation, and defence against business crime allegations.

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Personal Immigration| Business Immigration | Family Law | Other Services |

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Our offices are conveniently located in Manchester, Birmingham and London. 

Axis Solicitors also welcomes remote clients, for phone or video call consultations with our solicitors in Manchester, Birmingham, or London.

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The fee varies depending on the complexity of a case. We at Axis Solicitors are fully transparent and publish all our legal fees on our fee page. This page shows all the legal fees for UK visa and settlement applications in each category. If your application category is not shown, a fee will be quoted to you during your consultation appointment.

We offer flat-rate legal fees, so you know exactly how much the UK visa process will cost. Read the many reviews about Axis Solicitors and see why we remain a top-rated UK Immigration law firm.

The best way to find the right solicitor for you is through word-of-mouth. Also, check whether the solicitors or lawyers you are interested in have many good reviews on their websites, whether they have written professional articles for publication. Finally, it is recommended to compare legal firms on sites such as review solicitors, trustpilot and google reviews. Axis Solicitors has been practicing law for many years and helped thousands of clients make their dreams come true, and the world has noticed.

Yes! Only an actual, practicing solicitor should be trusted to handle your immigration matters. Unfortunately, many consultants, who don’t recognise how complex this area of law is, claim to be capable of assisting immigrants needing help with the immigration process.

In our Fast-Track application service, a dedicated solicitor works around the clock to get your application finished by your deadline. Depending on the complexity of your immigration case, this can be done in as little as 24 hours while maintaining the quality of your application. Our experienced immigration solicitors will thoroughly check the application and documents for accuracy before these are submitted.

We assist with a wide range of visas, including skilled worker visas, family visas, student visas, business visas, and more. If you contact us for a free consultation, we can inform you of what your options are and provide you with the projected costs our services would have if you choose to start your UK immigration journey. Our qualified solicitors will always advise you on the best options for your circumstances.

In many cases, yes. We will review your case, determine if there are grounds for appeal, and develop the strongest possible arguments to challenge the decision.

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With offices in London, Manchester, and Birmingham, Axis Solicitors provides expert legal support across the UK.  

We proudly serve clients in:

  • Greater London: Slough, Croydon, and surrounding areas.
  • Midlands: Sheffield, Coventry, Leicester, Bradford
  • South West: Bristol, Cardiff
  • North West: Liverpool
  • …And many more locations!

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