UK Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) Visa

The Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) visa permits eligible applicants with long-term personal care needs to join their close relatives in the UK for care. 

Parents, grandparents, siblings, and adult children may qualify for the ADR route if their sponsor is a British citizen, settled in the UK, or holds refugee or humanitarian protection status. 

Under exceptional circumstances involving extensive care requirements, applicants may be granted permanent settlement through the adult dependent relative visa.

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FAQ: Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) Visa

For the ADR visa application, applicants often face difficulties in proving that the necessary care is inaccessible or unaffordable in their home country. Even sponsors with ample resources to support their relative in the UK may struggle to demonstrate the lack of adequate care options abroad.

An Adult Dependent Relative (ADR) is a parent, grandparent, adult sibling, or child of a British citizen or a person settled in the UK who, due to age, illness, or disability, requires a significant level of long-term personal care. This care must be essential for their daily living activities and must not be available or affordable in their country of origin. The ADR visa enables these individuals to join their family members in the UK, provided they meet strict eligibility criteria and demonstrate that they cannot receive the necessary care in their home country.

Key Points:

  • Relationship: The applicant must be a close relative (parent, grandparent, sibling, or adult child) of a British citizen or someone settled in the UK.
  • Need for Care: The applicant must demonstrate that they require long-term personal care due to age, illness, or disability.
  • Unavailability of Care: It must be shown that the necessary level of care is not available or affordable in the applicant’s home country.
  • Financial Support: The UK sponsor must prove they can adequately maintain and accommodate the applicant without recourse to public funds.

Yes, you can bring your adult brother or sister to live in the UK permanently under the Adult Dependent Relative visa. However, to qualify, you must be a British citizen, have settled status in the UK, or hold limited leave to remain under a qualifying route. Additionally, your sibling must require long-term care that cannot be provided in their home country but can be provided in the UK.

At Axis Solicitors, we understand the ADR visa application process and our solicitors provide affordable legal services to ensure that all legal arguments are thoroughly documented if you need to sponsor an ADR visa application for a sibling.

Essential Evidence Checklist

Applying for an Adult Dependent Relative visa to join family in the UK? Ensure you have all the necessary documentation to support your application. This checklist outlines evidence that is generally required by the Home Office, even if it varies based on your situation.

  1. Proof of Relationship
  • Official documents (e.g. birth or adoption certificates) demonstrating the family connection between the applicant and their UK-based relative.
  1. Medical Evidence
  • Detailed medical report from a qualified healthcare professional, including:
    • Explanation of long-term care needs.
    • How these needs stem from age, illness or disability.
    • Prognosis and anticipated duration of care requirements.
  1. Inadequate Care in Home Country
  • Statements from local health authorities or medical experts clarifying:
    • Why required care is unavailable in the applicant’s home country.
    • Or why available care is prohibitively expensive or insufficient.
  1. UK Sponsor’s Financial Documentation
  • Past six months of bank statements (original copies).
  • Income evidence (e.g. payslips, investment income).
  • Records of regular outgoings (Council Tax, utility bills, etc.).
  • Proof of adequate savings or other financial resources.
  1. Suitable Accommodation
  • Mortgage agreement or tenancy contract.
  • Property details showing sufficient space and facilities for the applicant.
  1. Comprehensive Care Plan
  • Detailed outline of proposed UK care arrangements, including:
    • Care providers (family members, professional carers).
    • Projected costs and funding sources.
    • Any planned accommodation modifications.
  1. Character and Immigration History
  • Police clearance certificates.
  • Travel history and previous visa details (if applicable).

Key Considerations for Adult Dependent Relative Visas 

The Home Office applies strict criteria when assessing Adult Dependent Relative visa applications. Successful applicants must demonstrate:

  • A need for long-term personal care to perform everyday tasks.
  • Inability to obtain the required level of care in their home country.
  • A close UK-based relative is willing and able to provide indefinite care.

Providing ample, well-documented evidence is crucial to demonstrate the genuine necessity for you to receive care from your close relative in the UK.

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