To provide better service to our client’s legal requirements, our dynamic, award-winning law firm is constantly growing and is home to some of the best solicitors. We combine a law firm’s knowledge, experience, and quality with a speciality law firm’s service offerings and benefits packages.

Work We Do

We are experts in all facets of business and personal immigration law and handle all types of privately funded immigration work, from the initial preparation of applications for entry clearance, leave to remain, and settlement to administrative reviews, appeals, and judicial reviews before immigration tribunals and higher courts. Private people and businesses from the UK and other countries are among our customers.

The Culture We Live In

We offer a working atmosphere where our employees are encouraged, supported, and given opportunities to advance personally and professionally. We are an experienced legal team working in a welcoming and cooperative atmosphere with our clients.

Career Development & Training

We recognise training and talent development are crucial to our growth, so we provide various learning resources to give our team members the assistance they need to grow.

Rewards & Advantages

Through different financial, lifestyle, and wellbeing benefits not found in conventional law firms, we acknowledge our employees’ hard work and efforts and thank them for their commitment to our success. A collaborative workspace and possibilities for a flexible working environment are advantageous to our team members.


We embrace innovation whenever it assists us in working more productively and providing our clients with high standards of outstanding service. We are a modern legal firm that utilises cutting-edge technology.

Integration & Diversity

We know the secret to our ongoing success and continued expansion is hiring diverse individuals from various backgrounds. Applications from all community backgrounds are encouraged because we promote diversity and inclusion.

Join Us

We have great colleagues and a great working environment, whether you are practising immigration law or considering changing the way you work practically. We offer opportunities for recent law school graduates seeking experience and training or those who plan to develop a bright and ambitious future. 


At Axis Solicitors Limited, we work hard to create a positive workplace where you will be encouraged, supported, and, most importantly, be able to grow both individually and professionally to advance your career.

Our workplace has an open and cooperative atmosphere. We are a welcoming team who appreciates working together for the benefit of our clients. We are all dedicated to offering excellent customer service and realistic immigration solutions.

We aim to create a welcoming, upbeat ambience that promotes collaboration amongst all employees, not just solicitors. Nevertheless, every member of our professional staff is aware of their part in providing top-notch client support. We empower one another to fulfil our potential because we believe in one another to carry out our duties effectively.

Skills development and training are vital to our growth. We, therefore, offer a range of learning initiatives designed to ensure that our people have the support they need for career development.

We value honesty, fairness, transparency, and effective communication.

We work to foster a culture that values both an individual’s and a team’s accomplishments, recognising the rewarding skills, dedication, and participation of law firm colleagues at all levels.

Although we respect the traditions of a Law firm, we are also modern and always looking for modern ways to practise law.

“At Axis Solicitors Limited, I have had the privilege of being a part of a vibrant and dynamic workplace culture that promotes teamwork, growth, and innovation. I was warmly welcomed and encouraged to collaborate with my colleagues to provide our clients with excellent service and realistic solutions from the moment I joined the team. The emphasis on skills development and training has been invaluable to my personal and professional growth, and I know I have the support in my career advancement. What sets Axis Solicitors apart is the genuine respect for honesty, fairness, and effective communication that recognises and rewards the accomplishments of its colleagues at all levels and values modern ways to practise law. Working at Axis Solicitors Limited has been an enriching experience, and I look forward to being a part of this positive workplace culture for many years to come.” Samera Akhtar, Immigration Solicitor


Applications from all facets of the community are encouraged by Axis Solicitors, as we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion. We know hiring individuals from various backgrounds ensures our continued success and expansion. We are a law firm that values diversity. 

We are dedicated to selecting and hiring qualified, skilled, and experienced candidates for the jobs they will be performing. Without regard to sex, transgender status, sexual orientation, civil partnership status, religion or belief, marital status, civil partnership status, race, ethnic origin, colour, country, national origins, disability, or age, all applicants and employees are treated equally. 

Axis Solicitors keeps track of the demographics of its workforce and, when required, takes proactive steps to ensure that we are moving in the direction of a just representation of all cultural groups. Additionally, we want to promote and make services available and working conditions that support the health and wellbeing of all our team members.

“I have been employed as a partner/solicitor with Axis Solicitors since 2019. I thoroughly enjoy working at Axis Solicitors because of its diversity, culture and positive working environment. The firm has retained all the employees for a very long time, and this is due to the management being exceptional in making employees feel valued and appreciated. There are perks and incentives for employees for all their hard work, recognised by management. All the employees work as a team, strive to achieve success, and see Axis Solicitors as their own family, as they are continuously motivated. The encouragement and support received from the management are on a level which allows me to deal with cases to the best of my ability, and I consistently exceed my expectations. Throughout my time here, I have had an opportunity to develop extensive knowledge and experience for my professional growth. Axis Solicitors provides bespoke training and development to every employee to enhance their skills and knowledge. We have access to webinars, seminars and in-house legal training resources such as Lexis Nexis, MBL seminars etc., to gain valuable knowledge and skills to adapt to the demands of the fast-changing laws. The investment the management utilises in their employees to progress their careers and motivate them to achieve their goals is very welcoming. I genuinely enjoy working for Axis Solicitors, who put their staff at the forefront and recognise the exemplary achievements of their employees who obtain excellent results for the clients. The management keeps all the employees happy, and the dedication to our work is a testament to this. It is an honour and pleasure working & growing with Axis Solicitors to have a better future.” Mohammed Olly, Immigration Solicitor


We highly appreciate our solicitors’ work and reward them with various financial, lifestyle, and wellbeing perks not often seen in traditional law firms. We ensure all our team is fully supported and engaged and have all the necessary resources to work effectively and enhance their skills for future purposes. 


Our solicitors pocket a guaranteed basic monthly salary and an additional remuneration based upon a portion of earnings above a certain level. As revenue rises, the proportion of incentives is increased accordingly. All the employees have access to real-time financial performance data, so they can effectively manage their processes and track their success without worrying about ageing debt.


In addition to bank holidays, our solicitors are entitled to a period of 28 days of paid holidays annually, including bank holidays. In addition, we grant unpaid leave subject to authorisation in compelling circumstances.

Flexible Working 

We provide some flexibility to all our employees. Our employees have flexible start/finish times and can work from home or branch locations, subject to good performance. If authorised, working remotely is also an option as long as you fulfil your work, casework, and professional development commitments.

Parental, Maternity, and Paternity Leaves

Unlike traditional law firms, we provide employees with a comprehensive maternity and paternity leave package. We also support flexible work schedules for parents to continue to practise law. We also offer bereavement leave as we care for our employees. 


Because our employees should have access to the most recent equipment, we maintain and update each employee’s company laptop dedicated to them. We also provide mobile phones to employees for a personal touch and better communication with clients.   

Expenses of Professionals

The law firm covers all of our solicitors’ practising certificate fees, and the firm’s professional liability insurance also protects them. 

As part of the new practitioner and established practitioner programmes, we also pay for CPD courses. Our lawyers can access several online legal resources, such as LexisNexis, MBL Seminars and Free Movement, and funds are set aside to buy practitioner resources for ongoing training.


Our solicitors are automatically enrolled in our workplace pension plan, offered by NEST pensions, unless they wish to opt-out. The pension plan receives a portion of the base salary, and we contribute each month too.


To maintain our success and to ensure we are in the best possible position to meet our client’s legal needs; we continuously seek ways to strengthen our team. We are always seeking ambitious candidates for the following jobs:

  1. Housing Disrepair Solicitor
  2. Immigration Solicitor
  3. Family Solicitor
  4. Medical Negligence/Personal Injury Solicitor
  5. Marketing/Sales specialists
  6. Receptionist

To join our expert immigration team, we accept applications from talented and aspiring solicitors at all professional levels. 

We are interested in hearing from solicitors interested in trying something new. You must exhibit academic excellence and the capacity to start or join an existing law practice. We are searching for talented, forward-thinking solicitors with the skills, aptitude, and zeal to deal directly with the public.


Want to know more about what working for Axis Solicitors Limited is like? Please submit a cover letter and your updated resume to our HR Manager, Sana Khan ( We handle all communication with the utmost confidentiality.