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Domestic violence or abuse is considered as one of the most concerning matters in UK family Law. If you and your child are victims of domestic violence and feel threatened by your partner, you should seek immediate assistance from our qualified Domestic Abuse lawyers.

We can help represent your precariously sensitive matters with the court proceedings to ensure you are safeguarded from the harms of any form of domestic abuse from your ex-partner.

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How Can Domestic Abuse Solicitors at Axis Help?

Depending on your circumstances, our family law specialists can guide you every step of the way. They can expedite the court proceedings to ensure you receive maximum protection against domestic violence from your threatening partner.

Suppose you suffer from financial constraints and still depend on your partner for money and property. In that case, our experts will offer their best possible consultancy to ensure your economic rights are well served.

We can further guide and support you on how to go about applying for the occupation order and what evidence you should be attaching to the application.

Furthermore, if you are alleged to be a domestic abuse offender, the law can protect those potential ex-partners wrongfully accused. For further guidance and immediate consultancy on domestic abuse services and court orders, contact our expert Family law solicitors at

Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Immediate Safety and Legal Protection

If you are facing domestic violence or threats in your relationship, prioritising your safety is crucial. In an emergency, dial 999 for immediate help.

Beyond immediate police intervention, you have legal options for protection through family court.

The court can issue orders to ensure your safety, such as:

  1. Occupation Orders: Occupation orders are court orders that decide who can live in your home. It can exclude the abusive party, providing you with a safe space.

  2. Non-Molestation Orders: A non-molestation order prevents someone from harassing, intimidating, or threatening you and your family. Violating this order is a criminal offence.

These legal measures aim to safeguard you and your family, offering security as you deal with legal proceedings.

Support and Assistance

Experiencing relationship violence is distressing, but support is available. Axis Solicitors can guide you through legal protections.

Additionally, these resources offer further support:

  • Refuge: Support and advice for those facing domestic violence.

    • Website: Refuge
    • Helpline: 0808 2000 247

  • National Domestic Abuse Helpline: Confidential help and information.

  • Women’s Aid: Tailored support for women experiencing domestic abuse.

  • ManKind: Dedicated assistance for men in abusive situations.

    • Website: ManKind
    • Helpline: 01823 334 244

Remember, you are not alone. Axis Solicitors are here to assist with your legal needs related to domestic violence.

We always offer a free initial consultation for all domestic violence cases. All consultations are highly confidential; we can consult you remotely by phone or video call on your platform of choice. 

Suppose you suspect that either your ex, current or potential partner has a past of domestic violence. In that case, you can always seek help to assess their ‘abusive past’ under the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme ( a.k.a ‘Clare’s Law’).

The law implies the’ right to ask’ to navigate any records of conviction or domestic abuse. If the information is proportionate, necessary or legit, the police will disclose any essential findings. Moreover, you can even apply for the disclosure and get help on behalf of your family members or friends who are victims of domestic abuse.

You can get assistance from the support services and agencies to draw out the information on your behalf.

Protect yourself or your child through Non-Molestation or occupation order

If you and your child are a victim of domestic abuse from either of the following members

  • Your current or previous partner
  • A family member
  • Someone you currently or previously lived with (ex-spouse)

You can apply for an occupation order if you are looking for a safe refuge/accommodation. Apply for the molestation order if you ( if applicable, your child/children) are looking for protection from the harms of following domestic abuse:

  • Threats
  • Harassment
  • Pestering/ intimidation

Anyone breaching or violating the non-molestation order is subjected to 5-years of imprisonment. The victims can apply for legal aid to proceed with the applications involving the above charges in family and children court.

Remember: It is essential to remember how you will serve the order. If you don’t want to pass the notice directly to the respondent ( the offender), you can get help from a ‘court staff’ and ask for the certificate of service to deliver to the respondent. The injunction can only proceed when the order is served on the respondent.

In addition to this, ensure that a copy of the order is sent to the local police station with a statement of confirmation that the domestic abuse offender has been served with a court order. Likewise, you must also serve a copy of the occupation order on the mortgage or landlord of any related or shared property.

Apply for an Occupation Order if:

  • You share the family home/property as part of the marital assets ( through beneficial estate/interest/ tenant contract) or,
  • You have home rights that entitle you to residency ( dwelling house which is also occupied by the spouse who is charged with the domestic offence)
  • If the residential property or the ‘dwelling house’ is/has also been the home of the person entitled and of another person your spouse is associated with or,
  • At any time, intended by such other person which entitled them to have property rights
  • If you own or rent a home shared with your spouse/civil partner, cohabitant/family member or a person who has an intimate relationship with and who is also a parent of your child/children ( if applicable)
  • Even if you don’t own/rent a housing property but are married/cohabitating with the one who is entitled to the home as an owner or tenant

In a nutshell, when you share marital assets with your former/current partner, you can apply for the occupation order to safeguard yourself and your child/children, if any, and claim safe accommodation.

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