UK Ancestry visa

UK Ancestry visa

Commonwealth citizens with a UK-born grandparent may qualify for a UK Ancestry visa based on their ancestry. The UK Ancestry visa allows you to live and work in the UK for five years and provides a route to settle permanently. You can also bring your partner and children if you meet the requirements.

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Applying for a UK Ancestry visa can be a complex and time-consuming process. You must gather the correct documentation, complete the online application form accurately, and attend a biometric appointment at a visa application centre. The applicant must also stay updated with this visa category’s latest rules and regulations. Mistakes or omissions in an application can cause delays, rejections, or possibly refusals.

That is why you can benefit from the help of professional and experienced immigration solicitors. At Axis Solicitors, we have a team of dedicated experts who specialise in UK immigration. We have helped many remote clients worldwide who acquire visas to settle in the UK successfully.

UK Ancestry visa Application FAQs

If you want to apply for a UK Ancestry visa, you need to do it from outside the UK. You cannot switch to this visa category or extend your stay if you are already in the UK on another visa.

You can start your UK Ancestry visa application up to 3 months before your planned trip. The processing time for this visa category is usually 3 weeks if you apply from outside the UK.

To extend your UK Ancestry visa, you must show that you still meet all the criteria for the initial application.

You can apply even if you are not working at the moment, but you must prove that you are able to work and have a genuine intention to find or take a job in the UK.

If approved you can get an extension of up to 5 years on your UK Ancestry visa.

At Axis Solicitors, we have a team of expert immigration solicitors who can help you challenge a refusal of your UK Ancestry visa application. Whether you applied for entry clearance, further leave to remain or settlement on the basis of UK Ancestry, we can advise you on the best course of action to take.

In case the Home Office made a mistake while applying the Immigration Rules or their own policy to your case, we can request an Administrative Review to correct the error.

If the Home Office acted unlawfully, unreasonably or improperly in refusing your application, we can apply for Judicial Review and represent you in court.

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