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About Fees

In accordance with the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s Transparency Rules, we Axis Solicitors Limited publish below information about our legal charges, estimated disbursements and if VAT is applicable, the time frame taken to prepare and submit your application/Appeal/Judicial Review Claim/ and the file handler details.

In our terms and conditions which we provide when we open a file, our clients are made aware of our hourly rate, but we do provide our clients with fixed free agreement, which means we charge a fixed payment for the agreed matter.

Our fee does not include any disbursements (Third Party Fee) including Home Office, HMCTS, Chambers fee etc.

Immigration Fees

The below charges are subject to the complexity of your matter which are different in each individual case. Your matter will be assessed in the initial consultation and will can confirm the exact fixed cost of your matter. This will also be put in writing in your Client Care Letter as confirmation of the agreed fixed costs.

  • Spouse/Fiancé Entry Clearance Application – £800 – £1500 No Vat
  • Further Leave to Remain (extension) – £800 – £1400 No Vat
  • Naturalisation – £600 – £1000 No Vat
  • Visitor Visa – £700 – £1200 No Vat
  • Settlement Application – £800 – £1400 No Vat
  • Tier 1 Entrepreneur (Extension) – £2000 – £4000 No Vat
  • Tier 2 Applications – £700 – £1200 No vat
  • EEA Applications – £500 – £800 No Vat
  • Appeals- 3 Stages – £600 – £800 per stage  No Vat
  • Judicial Review – £3,000 – £5,000 No Vat
  • Sole Representative Visa – £3,000 – £5,000 No Vat
  • Tier 2 Sponsor License – £2,000 – £3,000 No Vat


The fixed disbursements for the above charges can be viewed by clicking on the following link (Home Office fees). If you need clarification please consult with us at your earliest.

How long my visa application will take?

Home Office applications of a Human Rights nature can take up to 6 months, however the processing time of every application is different depending on the complexity of the matter. Home Office provides current processing time of the visa applications which can be checked online.

Please note that there are priority service (10 days) and super priority service (24 hours) available for some visa types.

If you need further advice regarding fees, please contact us today and we will be happy to help you.

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