Applications from all facets of the community are encouraged by Axis Solicitors, as we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion. We know hiring individuals from various backgrounds ensures our continued success and expansion. We are a law firm that values diversity.

We are dedicated to selecting and hiring qualified, skilled, and experienced candidates for the jobs they will be performing. Without regard to sex, transgender status, sexual orientation, civil partnership status, religion or belief, marital status, civil partnership status, race, ethnic origin, colour, country, national origins, disability, or age, all applicants and employees are treated equally.

Axis Solicitors keeps track of the demographics of its workforce and, when required, takes proactive steps to ensure that we are moving in the direction of a just representation of all cultural groups. Additionally, we want to promote and make services available and working conditions that support the health and wellbeing of all our team members.

“I have been employed as a partner/solicitor with Axis Solicitors since 2019. I thoroughly enjoy working at Axis Solicitors because of its diversity, culture and positive working environment. The firm has retained all the employees for a very long time, and this is due to the management being exceptional in making employees feel valued and appreciated. There are perks and incentives for employees for all their hard work, recognised by management. All the employees work as a team, strive to achieve success, and see Axis Solicitors as their own family, as they are continuously motivated. The encouragement and support received from the management are on a level which allows me to deal with cases to the best of my ability, and I consistently exceed my expectations. Throughout my time here, I have had an opportunity to develop extensive knowledge and experience for my professional growth. Axis Solicitors provides bespoke training and development to every employee to enhance their skills and knowledge. We have access to webinars, seminars and in-house legal training resources such as Lexis Nexis, MBL seminars etc., to gain valuable knowledge and skills to adapt to the demands of the fast-changing laws. The investment the management utilises in their employees to progress their careers and motivate them to achieve their goals is very welcoming. I genuinely enjoy working for Axis Solicitors, who put their staff at the forefront and recognise the exemplary achievements of their employees who obtain excellent results for the clients. The management keeps all the employees happy, and the dedication to our work is a testament to this. It is an honour and pleasure working & growing with Axis Solicitors to have a better future.”

Picture of Mohammed Olly

Mohammed Olly

Managing Solicitor