Indefinite Leave To Remain (UK Settlement)

Indefinite Leave to Remain UK

Indefinite Leave to Remain (ILR) or Permanent Residency (PR) is an immigration status which allows you to live in the United Kingdom without restrictions.

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Was your ILR application rejected?

It is advisable to always seek legal help, especially when dealing with the refusal and relaunching appeals against the decision of the Home Office. Our bespoken legal professionals can offer you an ILR appeal package. We are only a call away so don’t hesitate to reach out to discuss your case.

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We make sure that our clients are successful in securing British Citizenship and ultimately, enjoy the privileged life of a typical UK citizen. ILR is the first step towards naturalisation. Our legal team backed with years of experience with settlement matters will make sure you do not have to face rejection due to incomplete evidence or mistakes in the application.

Settlement in the UK - FAQs

Your settled status / ILR does not expire. However, you are at the risk of losing it if you do not follow the rules concerning it. For example, being outside the UK voluntarily beyond the allowed period.

Once you have become an ILR holder, you should not be outside the UK for a continuous period of more than 2 years. Failing to do so, you are likely to lose the status.

It can take between 8 weeks to 6 months for the applicant to receive a response on their ILR application.

You may be able to expedite the process by using the super priority service which can be availed by paying an extra £800.

This varies depending on the visa, however, for most immigration routes, the minimum ILR requirement is continuous residence of at least 5 years.

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