Regardless of technology or ability, Axis Solicitors Ltd is doing its best to make its website accessible to as many people as feasible. We abide by many of the available standards and guidelines while constantly working to improve the accessibility and usability of our website. 

Initiative for Online Accessibility 

This website tries to adhere to level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 published by the World Wide Web Council (W3C). These recommendations outline how to improve the accessibility of web material for those with disabilities. Following these rules will make the web more accessible to all users.

W3C Guidelines

This website uses XHTML and CSS code that complies with W3C guidelines. Using these standards ensures that the site will function adequately in all upcoming browsers and the ones currently in use.


Despite Axis Solicitors Ltd’s best efforts, it may not always be feasible to fully comply with all of the website’s sections’ accessibility and usability requirements. We are constantly working to improve the entire site’s usability, including its sections. If you need assistance using the Axis Solicitors Ltd website in the interim, kindly contact us.

Increasing or decreasing the text height

You can adjust the font size in your browser’s settings:

Utilising Windows Explorer:

By choosing View > Text size and then selecting your desired text size from “Smallest” to “Largest,” you can adjust the text size in Internet Explorer. The “Medium” option is the default.

Utilising Firefox:

By choosing View > Text size and then selecting “Increase” or “Decrease,” Firefox users can adjust the text size. Normal is the default option.

Utilising Opera:

When using Opera, you can increase the size of the entire website by selecting View > Zoom and then choosing the image size to view the website.

Utilising Mozilla or Netscape:

Change the text size in Mozilla or Netscape by going to View > Text size, picking a larger or smaller “percentage,” or clicking “larger” or “smaller” to change the text size by one.

Changing the display options on a computer

On a computer running Windows 95 and later versions of the operating system, you can adjust the size of the picture displayed on your screen by choosing Start > Settings > Control Panel > Display > Settings and moving the desktop area with the sliding bar.