Understanding the UK Spouse Visa Requirements in 2024

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Maintaining family connections across countries is increasingly important in today’s interconnected world. A key element in promoting this unity in the UK is the Spouse Visa. Recent changes by the UK Home Office, significantly altering the financial requirements for the Spouse Visa and other UK Family Visas, are set to make applications more challenging from spring 2024.

We will delve into the intricacies of these changes, providing detailed insights on Spouse Visas from the fundamental criteria to the application procedure for the UK Spouse Visa in 2024. We have created this guide to assist applicants whether they are within the UK or applying from abroad.

Comprehending The UK Spouse Visa

The UK Spouse Visa provides the partner of a British citizen or individual with indefinite leave-to-remain status, with the right to live, work, and study in the country. Therefore, the spouse visa is essential in reuniting families and aiding spouses in settling in the UK.

Benefits and Privileges

Obtaining a UK Spouse Visa offers a variety of advantages that ease the integration into life in the UK:

  • Employment Opportunities: With this visa, holders can seamlessly enter the UK job market, either by seeking employment or starting a business, enhancing the ease of working in the UK on a spouse visa.
  • Educational Access: The visa grants entry to both public and private educational institutions in the UK, fostering academic advancement and skills enhancement.
  • Healthcare Access: Holders of the UK Spouse Visa are eligible to utilise the NHS, the UK’s renowned public healthcare system, providing comprehensive medical coverage.
  • Route to Permanent Residency: Residing in the UK under a spouse visa can lead to eligibility for indefinite leave to remain settlement, a significant step towards permanent residency and potential UK citizenship immediately after settlement
  • Collectively, these benefits contribute to a smoother transition for those moving to the UK under a spouse visa.

UK Spouse Visa Application: Requirements 2024

Meeting the requirements for a UK Spouse Visa is crucial for a successful application. This includes ensuring financial stability, demonstrating English language proficiency if applicable, and meeting accommodation standards, amongst other criteria. Below is a comprehensive guide to each key requirement for a Spouse Visa Application in 2024.

1. Sponsor Eligibility and Age Criteria

For a UK Spouse Visa, the sponsor’s eligibility according to the Immigration Rules is paramount. To apply for a UK Spouse Visa, both you and your partner must meet the following eligibility requirements:

  1. Age Requirement: You and your partner must be 18 years or older.
  2. Partner’s Status:
    • Your partner must fall into one of the following categories:
      • British or Irish Citizen: If your partner is a citizen of the United Kingdom or Ireland.
      • Settled in the UK: This includes individuals with indefinite leave to remain, settled status, or proof of permanent residence.
      • EU, Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, or Liechtenstein National: If your partner is from any of these countries and has pre-settled status (meaning they started living in the UK before 1 January 2021).
      • Turkish Businessperson or Turkish Worker Visa Holder: If your partner holds a valid Turkish visa for business or work purposes.
      • Protection Status: This includes individuals granted leave to remain as refugees, permission to stay as refugees, or humanitarian protection.
      • Stateless Person: If your partner has permission to stay in the UK as a stateless individual.

Remember to gather all necessary documents and evidence to support your application. The UK Spouse Visa process can be complex, so seeking professional advice from Axis Solicitors is recommended.

2. Genuine Relationship Verification

Proving a bona fide, ongoing genuine and subsisting relationship is essential for the UK Spouse Visa. This criterion verifies the legitimacy of the relationship between the sponsor and the applicant, ensuring the visa supports genuine couples planning to establish their future lives together in the UK.

3. Financial Requirements for the Spouse Visa

Securing a UK Spouse Visa involves meeting specific financial criteria, a vital aspect of the application. Both the sponsor and the applicant must demonstrate financial stability, ensuring they and any dependants can live independently without recourse to public funds. Here is an in-depth guide to understanding these financial prerequisites:-

Forthcoming Changes in Financial Thresholds for UK Family Visas

Commencing in Spring 2024, the financial threshold for UK family visas will increase phase by phase initially from £18,600 to £29,000, with a further hike to £38,700 slated for early 2025. These figures will be regularly reviewed and updated by the UK government(Secretary of State for the Home Office). Continue to check our detailed website for updates about family visa financial criteria, or connect with our experts for the latest details on meeting these financial requirements. Our experts will be obliged to assess your individual case.

Additional Financial Thresholds for Families with Children (non-British)

The financial threshold rises with each dependant child:

  • £3,800 for the first child
  • £2,400 for every subsequent child

Income Source to Meet Financial Requirements

The financial criteria can be satisfied through multiple income sources:

  • Employment Earnings: This includes the earnings of the sponsor who works in the UK and the applicant who has a legal job abroad.
  • Savings: A specific savings amount, currently set at £62,500 (subject to change), can supplement income requirements.
  • Pensions: Both state and private pensions are included.
  • Self-Employment: Documented business profits are eligible.
  • Rental Income: Excluding the primary residence of the couple.
  • Investment Dividends: Eligible if consistent and verifiable.
  • Exemption: Adequate Maintenance, Benefits etc.

Adapting to the Financial Threshold Increases for UK Spouse Visas

With imminent changes to financial thresholds, spouse visa experts recommend prompt action for those planning to apply. To avoid the impact of the escalating financial requirements effective from Spring 2024-2025, it is advised to initiate the spouse visa application process prior to the new changes swiftly.

Immediate Application Assistance

Ready to start your application or need advice from a spouse visa specialist? Contact us immediately to begin your journey towards efficiently meeting the UK Spouse Visa financial requirements.

Meeting English Language Requirements

To secure a UK Spouse Visa, meeting English language proficiency is a key requirement. Applicants must demonstrate a basic proficiency in English, equivalent to the A1 level on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), specifically for entry clearance as a spouse. Exempted from an English-speaking country.

Approved English Language Tests for UK Spouse Visa

Applicants are required to pass an English language test from an authorised provider. Popular providers include:

  • IELTS for UKVI: This is a specific version of the IELTS exam designed to meet the requirements of UK Visas and Immigration.
  • Trinity’s Integrated Skills in English (ISE): Offered by Trinity College London, this test is available at various locations across the UK.

The necessary scores for these tests vary, and it is essential to adhere to the guidance provided by the test provider.

Exemptions from the English Language Requirement

Some individuals may be exempt from this requirement, including:

  • Applicants aged 65 or above.
  • Individuals who are unable to meet the requirement due to a mental or physical condition.
  • Nationals from certain English-speaking countries.

Always contact our qualified solicitors for the most current information and guidance on meeting the English language requirements for a UK Spouse Visa and details on exemptions and approved test providers. Our resources are designed to assist you in navigating the application process with ease and clarity.

UK Spouse Visa Accommodation Guidelines

Applicants and their sponsors must demonstrate appropriate housing availability to fulfil a key criterion for the UK Spouse Visa. Therefore, this involves ensuring that the accommodation for the couple and any dependants adheres to the Housing Act 1985, specifically regarding space and overcrowding. The living space must be safe and free from public health risks. While cohabitation with others is acceptable, it must include exclusive sleeping areas and avoid overcrowding. 

An HMO is a type of property where people who are not related or part of the same family live together. This can include hotels, hostels, or houses. There are different rules for HMOs to make sure they are not too crowded. If you want to apply for a UK spouse visa and live in an HMO, you may need to get permission from the local council first. They will check if the property meets the standards and has enough space for you.

Document Checklist

Applying for a UK Spouse Visa requires a comprehensive set of documents to be presented. This checklist covers the necessary paperwork to ensure a smooth application process:

  • Identity Card (if applicable)
  • Passport: A current passport or valid travel documents.
  • Relationship Verification: Marriage certificate or proof of a genuine relationship, e.g communication logs
  • Financial Documents: This includes pay slips, bank statements, and evidence of savings to meet the financial requirements.
  • English Proficiency Evidence: Results from an approved English language test, if applicable.
  • Housing Proof: Evidence of suitable accommodation, as previously detailed, Mortgage Statements or Tenancy Agreement
  • Health Check: Tuberculosis (TB) test results are mandatory for applicants from certain countries.
  • Immigration History: Records of previous visas, refusals, and relevant immigration communications.
  • Sponsor Details: Information encompassing the sponsor’s passport, employment details, etc.
  • Children’s Information: If applicable, include birth certificates and other relevant documents for children.
  • Photographs: Passport-sized photos conforming to UK standards.
  • Completed Online Application Form: Accurately filled and submitted.

Proper organisation and clear presentation of these documents are crucial for successfully processing your UK Spouse Visa application.

The Application Process

Embarking on the journey to secure a UK Spouse Visa is essential for those aiming to reside in the UK permanently with their partner or spouse. Though it may appear intricate, comprehending the necessary steps and fulfilling the criteria of the UK Spouse Visa can pave the way for a successful application.

Initial Steps

Begin by gaining a comprehensive understanding of the specific visa category you are applying for. Ensure you are well-informed about all the previously mentioned requirements.

Filling Out the Application Form

Precision is vital when completing the UK Spouse Visa application form:

  • Personal Information: Providing precise details about you and your spouse is crucial.
  • Addressing Criteria: Meticulously respond to queries regarding financial and English language qualifications, relationship status, and living arrangements.

Gathering Required Documents

As previously outlined, the supporting documents are critical for the success of your application. The specific documents needed can vary depending on the applicant, so it is essential to be clear on the requirements and gather all necessary paperwork for submission.

Biometrics Appointment

Part of the application process includes attending a biometrics appointment, where your biometric data and photograph will be collected.

Final Submission

After paying the application fees, submit your application. Those applying outside the UK will generally submit their applications and supporting documents to a UK visa application centre in their home country.

Timeline and Costs for UK Spouse Visa Application

The typical processing time for a UK Spouse Visa applied outside the UK is around 12 weeks. For those applying from within the UK, the process may take about eight weeks. There are also faster processing services available for an extra charge, Additional Premium Services, Priority Services etc

Application Fee

The current fee for 2024 stands at £1,846 for applications made from outside the UK and £1,048 for those applying from within the UK.

Healthcare Contribution – Immigration Health Surcharge

An annual charge of £1,035 increasing from 6 Feb 2024 for the UK’s National Health Service (NHS) access.

Additional Premium Services include quicker processing options and support services at a Visa Application Centre.

Allocating funds for these expenses and timing your application submission according to these processing durations is compulsory for seamless integration into life in the UK.

Dealing with Refusals

Experiencing a refusal of your UK Spouse Visa application can be a daunting hurdle, yet it does not necessarily mean the end of your journey. Gaining insight into the reasons for refusal and understanding the steps to take afterwards can significantly ease the process.

Common Grounds for UK Spouse Visa Denials include:

  • Lack of Sufficient Evidence: Not providing adequate proof to satisfy the UK Spouse Visa criteria, such as financial stability or evidence of your relationship.
  • Application Errors: Submitting an application with mistakes or incorrect documentation.
  • English Language Proficiency: Failing to demonstrate the required English language skills.
  • Doubts Over Relationship Authenticity: If authorities question the genuineness of your relationship.

Options Following a UK Spouse Visa Refusal:

  • Analyse the Refusal Letter: Thoroughly review the letter to comprehend the reasons for the denial.
  • Seek Expert Legal Guidance: Consult a solicitor with expertise in UK visas and immigration laws.
  • Prepare for an Appeal: Compile evidence to address the reasons for refusal.
  • Legal Consultation: Before you challenge a Spouse Visa rejection, you should always consult and hire an experienced immigration solicitor.
  • Await the Outcome: Be prepared for the appeal process to take time.

Alternative Paths to Consider if Interested in Getting Married in the UK

  • Fiancé Visa: A viable option sometimes when you marry in the UK and switch to a spouse visa inside the UK
  • Unmarried Partner Visa: Suitable for those who have cohabited in the UK or abroad for at least two years.
  • Reapplication: You can reapply for a UK Spouse Visa after rectifying the initial refusal reasons.

Understanding the factors leading to a visa refusal and taking prompt, informed action can significantly influence the final decision. Due to the complexity of visa refusal cases, professional legal advice is highly recommended.

Final Thoughts

Navigating the UK Spouse Visa journey may appear complex, yet couples can efficiently manage their UK Spouse Visa applications with careful preparation and a clear understanding of the required documents. Whether applying from within or outside the UK, it is critical to grasp the precise criteria, including the financial and English language requirements and the need for appropriate accommodation in the UK.

Axis Solicitors Are Here to Help

The spouse visa pathway can be challenging, especially if you have previously encountered a refusal. In such cases, the expertise of a professional can be invaluable. At Axis Solicitors, we have qualified solicitors dedicated to Spouse Visa applications, offering our extensive experience in helping numerous couples establish their lives in the UK. 

Our seasoned family law solicitors are well-versed in all aspects of the application process, ensuring your application stands the best possible chance of success. Avoid taking risks with important immigration applications for yourself or your loved ones.

Why Choose Axis Solicitors?

Comprehensive Expertise: We guide you through everything from document preparation to handling appeals while recognising the uniqueness of each relationship and application.

Proven Track Record: With years of specialised experience in spouse visas, we boast a high success rate.

Contact us today to explore your UK Spouse Visa application options or address any queries about the process. Do not leave your future in uncertainty. Let Axis Solicitors guide you through each step, bringing you closer to your shared life goal in the UK.

Your journey to a permanent life together in the UK could start with just one consultation!

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