UK Spouse Visa Required Documents

Solicitor Reviewing Clients Documentation For UK Spouse Visa Applications in 2024.

Documentation For UK Spouse Visa Applications in 2024

Preparing a successful UK spouse visa application in 2024 requires careful adherence to the Home Office requirements and organising your supporting evidence in a logical manner. This guide from Axis Solicitors outlines the main supporting documents you generally need to include for your UK spouse or partner visa application. Nevertheless, remember that any checklist has limitations and your specific situation may require additional or unique documentation.

Documents Required for Proving the Genuine Relationship Requirement

If you are currently married or in a civil relationship with your non-British partner, you need to prove this through:

  1. A valid marriage/civil partnership certificate at the time of applying for the spouse visa UK application.
  2. Emails, chat logs, proof of travel or meetings in person, trips taken together, etc. to prove a genuine and subsisting relationship with your partner.
  3. Divorce certificate in case of any previous marriage history.
  4. A written relationship statement (no longer than 2 A4 pages) detailing your relationship with the applicant (non-British spouse) including the timeline of your relationship, how you two met, and your genuine intention to live together permanently.

Documents to Prove Spouse Visa UK Financial Requirement

From 11 April 2024, the British government increased the minimum income requirement for a UK spouse visa to £29,000 per year.

To meet these requirements, you need to provide:

  1. Payslips (of the last 6 months).
  2. Employment contracts detailing the job title, job description, payroll, duration of work, earnings before tax, national insurance number, and type of contract.
  3. Bank statements of a joint account if you have joint financial responsibilities.

Savings above £16,000 can also be used to meet the financial requirement.

Exemptions: You may be exempt from meeting the financial requirements if:

  1. You have sufficient funds to support yourself and your family, including living arrangements, without relying on public funds.
  2. You are applying as a parent.
  3. You are receiving certain benefits, such as Disability Living Allowance or Carer’s Allowance.

Documents to Prove Spouse Visa UK English Language Requirement

Applicants must sit and pass the IELTS Life Skills A1 test from Home Office accredited SELT centres. The required CEFR level depends on whether the applicants are applying for entry clearance (A1 or A2 level) or the ILR route to settlement (B1 level). The core documents to prove English proficiency include:

  1. A valid IELTS certificate (no later than 2 years) with a SELT reference number.


  1. If you hold an English-taught degree at Bachelor, Master, or PhD level, you must attach the ECTIS verified documents.

Documents to Prove Tuberculosis Requirement

If you are coming from a country where the TB screening test is mandatory, you must attach the TB certificate with your spouse visa application. An exemption applies if you lived for at least six months in a country where the UK does not require TB screening and have been away from that country for no more than six months. Ensure the TB test is done from a Home Office-approved clinic.

Documents to Prove Accommodation Requirements

The UKVI expects UK spouses to have sufficient living arrangements to support their joining partner or child. Whether your UK partner owns or rents the property or the property is owned or leased by a family or friend based in the UK, the following documentary evidence can be attached accordingly:

  1. Tenancy agreement.
  2. Letter from the landlord, registry title, etc.

Documents to Prove Marriage Certificate Translation Requirements

Each original document must be accompanied by a full translation that the Home Office can independently verify. Each translated document must contain:

  1. Confirmation from the translator that it is an accurate translation of the original document.
  2. The date of the translation.
  3. The translator’s full name and signature.
  4. The translator’s contact details.

Always Remember: Hire a certified and Home Office-approved translator for your marriage visa and other supporting documents translations.

UK Spouse Visa Documents Checklist:

  1. UK visa application form (VAF4A).
  2. Valid passport with at least one empty page.
  3. Previous passports.
  4. Two passport-sized colour photos.
  5. Proof of Knowledge of English language requirement.
  6. Proof of financial income.
  7. Proof of genuine relationship (e.g., photos of you two together).
  8. Full name and date of birth.
  9. Details of any previous immigration applications.
  10. Certificate of criminal record/proof of suitability requirements.
  11. National insurance number, if any.
  12. Parent’s date of birth and nationality (if applying from outside the UK).
  13. Proof of accommodation.
  14. Biometric information.
  15. Proof of paid spouse visa fees.

For tailored guidance and support in your UK spouse visa application, arrange for a consultation with our expert immigration solicitors at Axis Solicitors to ensure all your documentation meets the Home Office standards.

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