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Who does this application apply to?

Spouse extension, FLR (M) , applies to a person who entered the UK on an initial partner entry clearance; given 2.5 years leave to remain.

When should I apply for FLR (M)?

You must submit the application prior to the expiry on your bio-metric card. The earliest you can apply is 28 days prior to your expiry, not any earlier.

What costs are involved in the FLR (M) application?

Home office application fee of £1052.20, immigration health surcharge of £1560.00.

Do I still need to be meeting the financial requirement for the extension?

Yes, the financial requirement will still need to be satisfied, depending on which category you will use to meet the requirement. the financial requirement can be met through yourself, your sponsor or combined.

Do I need to take another English Test?

Yes, for a spouse visa extension, you will need to have passed English level A2 or higher.

Can I extend my visa outside of the UK?

No, you must be present in the UK when applying for your extension. this application can only be made inside the uk. the application will need to be submitted online, documents will then need to be either scanned or uploaded and you will also be needing to attend a bio-metric appointment in the uk

How long will I be granted once my application is successful?

You will be granted a further 2.5 years leave to remain, you will receive a new bio-metric card stating the validity dates.

What happens if I do not meet the requirements for the extension?

If you do not meet the requirements, your application is likely to get refused. however, if there are exceptional circumstances in your case you may be granted leave to remain on the 10-year route depending on your circumstances; this is up to the home office’s discretion.

Can I travel whilst my application is pending?

You will not be able to travel outside of the UK whilst the application is pending. if you do, your application will be considered as withdrawn.

What is the processing time for FLR(M)?

Standard processing time is 8 weeks, if you opt for priority service you will receive a decision the next working day (after you have attended your bio-metric appointment).