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EEA Applications and Appeals can be complex matters, more so than ever in recent years due to Brexit. Axis Solicitors can offer you expert advice and guidance.

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Applications for EEA Permanent Residence and the EEA Family Permit can be difficult and time-consuming. The solicitors at Axis are highly experience in making applications to the Home Office and have received successful results for clients for all kinds of immigration matters.

We will give you detailed, relevant advice on how to make your application and provide you with expert representation throughout the application process, giving you the best chance of success possible.

If your application was previously unsuccessful, we also have experienced appeal solicitors who can advise you on how to get this decision overturned.

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EEA Applications

EEA nationals and their EEA national family members can apply for a residence certificate valid for 5 years. When coming from outside the UK, non-EEA family members will be given a resident permit valid for 6 months which allows them to travel to the country. Once here, they can apply for the 5-year resident card.

The eligibility criteria to be able to apply for EEA applications is that you must be from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) and a close or extended family member of an EEA or Swiss Citizen.

EEA Family Permits are valid for 6 months and you can leave and enter the UK as many times as you require during that time period.

They make it easier and quicker to enter the UK. Without one, you might not get a boarding pass, entry into the UK or could experience major delays without one.

Direct Family Members

Extended Family Members

EEA Application Checklist

During this time, you and your family can leave and enter the UK freely. Once this six months is over, if you wish to stay in the UK you will be required to apply for an EEA Permanent Residence card. You are eligible for the EEA PR card under the 2016 regulations if you are

  • Immediate family of an EEA or Swiss national (not including UK nationals

  • Immediate family members of a British Citizen applying for admission to the UK

  • A dependent of the EEA national or their spouse/civil partner and under 21 years of age

  • Extended family members, including relatives who aren’t immediate family members of unmarried partners

  • In the ascending line of the EEA National or their spouse/partner and a dependant immediate relative

  • Entitled to a derivative right of residence under regulation 16

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We can help clients across the UK. We service the work from our four offices (Manchester, London, Birmingham and Chester).

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In most of the cases, we charge fixed fee, which is quoted right at the beginning while taking instructions and this never changes. You can reasonably contact our team of lawyers as many times as you like during the course of your instruction as we prefer to help clients even after we have won their case.

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After 12 months of getting your ILR, you might be eligible for naturalisation.

If you are married or in a civil partnership, you might be eligible to apply for UK Spouse Visa.

If you have been detained or refused an entry in the UK, we are here to help, contact us.