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Our highly qualified experts specialise in Family law, including Islamic divorce and Islamic divorce financial settlement in the UK. With our thorough guidance and legal advice, we have assisted numerous clients in registering for an Islamic divorce in the UK.

Seek immediate consultancy from our expert Family law solicitors. If your marriage is on the hinge of being broken and you are facing a tense situation regarding how to go about the divorce proceedings and financial asset settlements. Please, feel free to drop us an email at Depending on your circumstances, we can help you resolve your marriage and return of Mahr (dowry).

Islamic divorce expertise at Axis Solicitors in Manchester, Birmingham, and London, symbolised by religious texts and the Holy Quran.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Getting a divorce is a tedious journey; depending on your circumstances and gender, you can proceed towards an Islamic divorce in the UK. For instance: as a woman, you will need Khula, and as a man, you will need talaq.

If you are also married under UK law, you will also need a civil divorce in addition to your Muslim divorce.

If you are looking to understand more about your options concerning divorce, may that be civil or Islamic, our divorce solicitors are here for you.

With years of experience in dealing with the difficult circumstances of going through a process of Khula, Faskh or Talaq, whichever you require. Hence, our family law solicitors can help you in the following settlements:

  • Taking care of child arrangements (child custody),
  • Setting out financial accounts and,
  • Dividing other assets
  • And all the other family law matters that need to be tackled on urgent basis

In principle, the financial settlement is legally dealt with but separately from the divorce proceedings. Hence, this is to assure that each partner receives adequate financial resources by considering the circumstances. The financial assets may include:

  • Properties (including the family home)
  • Savings and investments
  • Pensions
  • Income
  • Business interests
  • Financial commitments

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