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Family law is a complex area of public law, often requiring county court and family court proceedings. Without any legal guidance, it can be very frustrating if you are facing issues related to divorce, child arrangements and marital assets, etc. on your own. Our SRA-accredited Family law Solicitors value their client’s needs with high responsiveness and a proactive approach.

Islamic Divorce

If you are married in a country with Muslim family law legislation and want to terminate your marriage in the UK, you will be required to register for both Islamic divorce and civil divorce in the English Law Courts.  Getting a divorce can involve both lengthy  ( may take up to 8 months) as well as costly procedures involving paperwork and family court proceedings.

With our reliable guidance and legal advice, we have assisted several clients in registering for both an Islamic divorce and civil divorce in the UK.

Annulment of marriage

An annulment is a court order which leads to the annulment of a marriage or civil partnership. The law perceives that marriage never existed because there were legal defects.

Get clear advice on how to annul a marriage from real experts. Our team of family law experts are experienced in annulment laws and court procedures.

Child Arrangements

Child agreement on divorce is one of the critical legal processes, which deals with how the two divorcing couples will look after the child’s best interest.

Depending on your relationship with your former partner, you may have to apply for the child arrangement order, which requires the court proceedings to decide on the following child arrangements:

  • How each parent will spend the time with the child
  • Who the child will be mainly living with
  • Who will be primarily paying the maintenance service charges
  • Overall, the Child agreements order decides how the household will function and where the child’s schooling would be, etc.

If you and your ex-partner disagree on any specific child arrangements, you can always reach out to us.

Our highly experienced family law solicitors can offer crystal clear guidance on drafting a sound consent order and getting immediate court approval. We can further assess your Child Maintenance service eligibility and inform you when to apply for the Private Maintenance service. Likewise, if you are a victim of domestic violence from a child’s other parent, we can offer practical advice and emotional support.

Speak to our friendly UK Family Law Solicitors today.

Domestic Violence

Domestic abuse/violence is a serious public offence in the UK. If you and your child are suffering from any of the following forms of domestic abuse from your ex-partner:

  • Emotional abuse
  • Marital rape
  • Economic abuse
  • Online abuse
  • Coercive abuse
  • Bride burning
  • Honor killing
  • Threats and intimidation
  • Sexual abuse

 If you fear or suffer from serious psychological, verbal, sexual or financial abuse, get immediate court approval through our expert guidance.  Reach out to us today.