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Personal Injury Solicitors you can trust to assist you throughout your entire claim!

Have you been involved in a Road Traffic Accident, Accident at work, slip or trip at the supermarket, fell on a pothole on a public place etc and it is not your fault then you are entitled to compensation by making a claim for personal injury.

Here at Axis Solicitors our dedicated team of expert solicitors put their client’s needs first and foremost. We offer you with the best possible advice and service in order for you to make an informed decision as to how to proceed.

Our specialist personal injury lawyers will look at the strengths and weaknesses of your claim individually and confirm whether there are any prospects of success. Each claim is based upon its own merits.

At Axis Solicitors we aim to address all your issues that you have in a swift manner, leaving you hassle free to continue with your life. We understand that having an accident can be devastating and shocking, therefore we are here to help you get you the full compensation you deserve without any hassle.

Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester - Axis Solicitors


We operate on a ‘no win, no fee’ basis, meaning that in the event that your claim is unsuccessful, you will not have to pay a penny (subject to terms and conditions). In this way, we’re able to remove all risks to you of making a claim, helping you to get on with your life.

What is Personal Injury

Personal Injury term relates to any injury to an individual whether it is psychological or physical that has been sustained as a result of the negligence of another party. If it can be proven that the third party was negligent and if you have incurred losses as a result of their negligence then you will be entitled to full compensation.

At Axis Solicitors we are here to help you get the compensation you deserve. We have vast experience and expertise in dealing with a variety of claims.

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Am I entitled to a claim?

Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester - Axis Solicitors

If you have sustained any injury following an accident and you believe that it was someone else to blame then you are entitled to make a compensation claim. You will first need to establish what evidence you have confirm that your personal injury was a result of someone else’s negligence. Once you have the necessary evidence you should then get in touch with us so that the matter is in our hands to successfully get you the compensation you deserve.

Treating severe injuries can be expensive and referral from GP for rehabilitation can take a very long time. Axis Solicitors can request the third party’s insurers to seek early compensation for the treatment so that you can start the treatment for a speedy recovery and to ensure that it does not impact your quality of life, as well as recouping any other losses incurred through an inability to work now and in the near future.

How do I claim compensation for a personal injury I’ve sustained?

To discuss whether you may potentially be able to claim compensation for you or someone close to you, call Axis Solicitors today on 0161 504 0084. Alternatively, use our contact form and one of our specialist personal injury team will get in touch at a time to suit you.

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