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Expert UK Spouse Visa Solicitors

Axis Solicitors are Specialist UK Spouse Visa Solicitors based in Manchester with years of experience in dealing with spouse visa applications. We have a high application success rate.

Apply for Family & Spouse Settlement Visa

It is very important that settlement visa applications including, Entry Clearance, Spouse visa, partner visa, fiancé visa, civil partners visa etc. should be completed by experts. Who give attention to detail and have great knowledge of immigration law. As failure to do so will stop your spouse to come to UK for a longer period; if you lodge an appeal, it will take months to get a hearing date in Tribunals. Sometimes it can take up to 12 months.

There are several requirements which you must fulfil to be eligible to get the visa, in addition to the most debated £18,600 financial requirement.

As the nature of a UK Spouse visa can be quite complex at times, it is highly recommended that you pursue expert advice.

UK Spouse Visa Axis Solicitors
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Spouse Visa Free Initial Consultation

Axis Solicitors - UK Spouse Visa

Our team of solicitors are highly qualified and knowledgeable in Immigration law. The best part is that our initial consultation is free. We will discuss your case with you in detail for 30 minutes free of charge. After the discussion we give you professional legal advice.

We also give you a fixed quote for your peace of mind.

Once you are happy to proceed, a dedicated solicitor will handle your case. We will keep you updated through the application process.

From start of your application until you get the decision, we correspond with the Home Office on your behalf so that you do not have to struggle while answering difficult questions to the Home Office.

Grant of UK Spouse Visa

Initially the Home Office will grant a 30 months visa, which is extendable for further 30 months, if you meet the requirements.

UK Spouse visa extension

The UK Spouse visa extension is the most important application. We have seen in the recent times that if you are on a 5 years settlement route and there has been a mistake in the application. In some circumstances the Home Office automatically change your settlement route from 5 years to 10 years. This is quite harsh giving the fact that now you will have to spend 10 years before you can apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain knows as ILR.

Here at Axis Solicitors we make sure your application is in accordance to the latest Immigration Law. So that your visa extension application is granted smoothly for further 2.5 years.

Once you complete your 5 years in the UK on Spouse Visa route, you should be able to apply for settlement.

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