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Business Crime Solicitors

Our reputable criminal law expert solicitors and specialist team deals with a range of business crime and fraud matters. Whether you are an overseas company, local business or an individual in a company facing these issues, our solicitors dealing with Business Crime and Fraud are ready to take on your matter and provide results you are looking forward to achieve.
Hence, we advise businesses and high net worth individuals on how they can defend their obligations under UK Criminal Finances Act, Anti-money Laundering Legislation and UK Bribery Act.

Furlough Fraud Defence

It can be frustrating to face allegations of Furlough Fraud. Our team can offer detailed advice and assist you in preparing a strong defence to safeguard your position.
Be it an honest mistake, for instance, when applying a Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for your business, If you suspect anyone is breaching your privacy regulations within your company, immediately seek legal help.
You must be aware that furlough fraud can take many forms, leading to harsher penalties, including up to 10 years imprisonment, fines, director disqualification, etc.
Hence, our business crime experts will guide, assist, and prepare strong representations to defend your position due to its complex nature. Our Solicitors are also well capable of representing you on appeals against HRMC decisions. Our service includes a robust defence strategy, which means that it might be necessary to build a team that may include financial service professionals, accountants, and forensic computer experts for your case.
Moreover, we will promptly guide you through every step. Protect yourself and your company from criminal and civil accusations.
We even offer to counsel over HMRC restraining orders (lose access to your personal property and bank accounts, as well as your business assets) and when to self-report.

Health and Safety (HSE) Investigations

We duly understand that HSE investigations can pose detrimental penalties. So much that one may even be potentially imprisoned besides hefty fines. Therefore, it is essential to immediately get in touch with Business Criminal Law specialists/HSE investigation Lawyers for expert advice and help.
At Axis, we will prepare you to make the right decision wisely, respond effectively to HSE investigations risk, and assist you with HSE audits.
With years of experience spanning multiple jurisdictions, we can advise and represent you in the best possible direction to prevent your professional reputation from being damaged.
Protect your business immediately from any litigation without further delay. Seek our expert assistance by getting in touch with us.

Insolvency Service Investigations & Prosecutions

If your company is suspected of financial corruption or misconduct under the insolvency service investigation, it may lead to detrimental outcomes.
Protect your business from such litigations that can seriously damage your firm’s reputation by pursuing immediate legal advice from one of our specialist Business Crime Solicitors.
Our Corporate Crime experts team at Axis Solicitors is always here to offer you pragmatic advice with promising solutions in your legal defence. So if the Insolvency Service investigators have contacted you, call us without further delay.

Insider Dealing and Market Abuse

Whether you are an individual, cross-border or an international industry, you are always at risk of allegations involving market manipulation/abuse and insider dealing. These are severe crimes to be charged with. If you don’t seek prompt legal advice, the risk of imprisonment and sanction can become irreversible.
Our Business crime solicitors are knowledgeable and highly experienced regardless of how complex this area of criminal law might be.
For help and assistance, contact our compassionate and highly trained lawyers dealing with Fraud & Business crime matters.

International and Organised Crime

International and Organised crime relates to an individual or business crime which may lead to investigations, an invitation for an interview under caution and may also lead to imprisonment. You should seek urgent legal help without any delay. Our specialists at Axis have worked with multiple industries spanning overseas networking, including lawyers and qualified legal experts. Avoid your risks of being arrested or heavily charged with regards to organised or international crimes.
Therefore, If you and your employees face serious regulatory investigations concerning International and organised crime, seek urgent legal advice from one of our Business crime experts.

Interview Under Caution

If you are required to attend an interview under caution or have been arrested, it is vital to seek urgent legal help. As your communication during this interview may have a direct impact on the decision of your case. We understand that this can be mentally stressful and affect both your personal and business reputation. It is therefore advisable to pursue and hire business crime solicitors who are well-versed with such prosecutions.
We can help you obtain a disclosure pre-interview under caution and guide you at every step of the proceedings to go about it efficiently.
By carefully probing the strength of the evidence and any underlying allegation against your company, our qualified and well-experienced solicitors can represent you with the best possible services to ensure your success in defending your case during the interview.

Malicious Communications Act

Investigators, prosecutors, and regulators, both from inside the UK and abroad, can penalise individuals and corporate should they suspect any criminal offence involving malicious communications.
Consequently, you can be sentenced to imprisonment for two years (Crown Court) or six months (Magistrate court) with a fine if and when found guilty (in case of Malicious act 1998 and Malicious act 2003).
Seek prompt assistance from our top Criminal law experts who can guide you along with the prosecution proceedings and how to go about the investigation.

Money Laundering

Facing prosecution and criminal allegations of committing money laundering can be seriously nerve-wracking. As money laundering is a criminal act, it is a process of hiding the true source of cash and other assets. You may jeopardise yourself or your firm if prosecuted for money laundering, which may also lead to severe sanctions and even imprisonment for an indefinite period.
With years of experience in complex areas of law, our Business Crime lawyers can deal with your case passionately through our representation. To safeguard your position now, give us a call.
Avail of our initial consultation and defend your corporate reputation today.

National Crime Agency Defence

Our National Crime Agency (NCA) defence lawyers specialise in dealing with risk assessments concerning organised crimes, especially if you get entangled in a challenging situation of being charged or falsely accused by the NCA.
You should legally defend your case by instructing our NCA defence specialists without any further delays.

Offences Related to Encrypted Phones

Our Business crime solicitors are highly experienced in all matters of prosecution and criminal investigations involving encrypted phones offences.
We can help you thoroughly with every step to get the justice you deserve.
Furthermore, we can assist you in reverting any damaging allegations that can potentially hurt your business standing.

Private Prosecution

Sometimes making a private prosecution via the police could put you in rather daunting stress. If you are looking for a private prosecution to readdress the allegations on fraud, theft and other forging matters, now is your chance to defend yourself and speak for justice.
You should always seek legal advice via highly trained Business crime solicitors who can guide you throughout and have the willpower to understand the severity of the matter and work effectively to overturn any criminal proceedings.

Proceeds of Crime and Asset Recovery

The Proceeds of Crime Act (POCA) 2002 sets out the legislative scheme for recovering criminal assets with criminal confiscation being the most commonly used power. Confiscation occurs after a conviction has taken place. Our experts in criminal law hold years of experience in the complex areas of Proceed of Crime Act (POCA).
Our team at Axis solicitors can safeguard your position. We can guide you in dealing with POCA legislation breaches and the confiscation of assets. Our experts in criminal law hold years of experience in the complex areas of Proceed of Crime Act (POCA).

Search Warrants and Seizure of Property

Get expert legal guidance to ensure you follow the correct procedure in the best of your business interests and protection.
Facing property searches, seizures, and even warrants can lead to disruptive outcomes.
Secure your business right away by contacting our criminal law specialist on 0800 048 7573
Our diligent and considerate team of experts will make it their priority to assist you in this challenging hour.

Tax Investigations

Our business crime and fraud specialists are available 24/7. Although, it’s inevitable to overcome prosecution and other risk assessments. Nevertheless, we will do our best to either guide you along in challenging such restraining orders.
Alternatively, we’ll put our due efforts to convert the fraud proceedings into civil proceedings.

Trading Standard Investigations

We help businesses defend themselves from false allegations or criminal investigations under Trading standards. Our vast experience provides the best legal advice ensuring your company complies with all prosecution and legal regulatory obligations.
To avoid the distressful situation of being sanctioned or proceed to criminal investigations, give us a call.

VAT Investigations

VAT investigations by HMRC are one of the severe frauds, especially in cases that involve the import and export of goods on an international scale. In principle, the VAT collected is transferred to HMRC. The dishonesty/fraud is generally suspected when the importer disappears with the money without paying VAT.

Account Freezing Orders

An account freezing order is by the Magistrate that serves to freeze individuals or an organisation’s funds. In principle, a magistrate can impose an account freezing order, especially when the funds involve unlawful conduct.
Consequently, these orders may lead to ceasing company or individuals funds (for up to 2-years) without giving prior notice.
To avoid such a precarious scenario, speak to our Business crime experts for well-crafted advice and legal representation. Our years of experience can pull you out of such crime investigations that can seriously harm your business in the long run.

Bank Fraud

A bank fraud (a.k.a white-collar crime) involves using potentially illegal means to draw assets/property owned by financial institutions. It can lead to disruptive consequences of being sanctioned or even imprisoned.
If you or your business are alleged and investigated for such bank frauds, you should promptly defend your corporate stand without delays.
With our highly dedicated and considerate team, our legal assistance covers a range of bank fraud cases, from accounting fraud to remotely created check fraud, etc. Therefore, we will guide you along with such criminal proceedings with a pragmatic strategy to save your business resources and time in the heat of the moment.

Cartels and Price Fixing

For years, we’ve helped people and businesses like you through the entire investigation and prosecution process surrounding allegations against cartels and price-fixing. We sincerely understand how daunting such criminal accusations can be for your business.
Our team will work effectively in safeguarding your case while advocating in court on your behalf.

Bribery and Corruption

In the past decade, the Bribery Act 2010 marked a significant development in UK law, introducing a “failure to prevent” offence of corporate criminal liability. Ultimately, prosecutions and investigations around bribery and corruption are substantial legal proceedings that can potentially harm an innocent business. So much so that you may be charged or even imprisoned for an indefinite period.
It is important to take this matter seriously and look for legal advice from recognised criminal law specialists.

Conspiracy to Defraud

Our Solicitors have in-depth knowledge and understanding of conspiracy to defraud policy.
We have represented individuals and businesses within the UK. Thus, our bespoken team can protect you and your clients from the allegations with an excellent success ratio.
To deal with such complex allegations surrounding business crimes or investigations, give us a call.
Explore your legal options with us on how we can defend you against fraud conspiracy within due time.

Corporate Internal Investigations

Corporate and regulatory offences involve a breach or fraud concerning health and safety obligations. If you or your business are victims of such allegations against corporate internal investigations, you should consider this matter seriously and act promptly.
For a more urgent response, you can fill an online enquiry form, and one of our team members will call you back with tailored advice depending upon your circumstances.

Corporate Manslaughter

Violation of Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act 2007 is a serious corporate crime. Moreover, if there is a gross breach of duty of care or involves a person’s death. It would potentially put you or your organisation at an elevated risk of being charged.
If this happens, it is imperative to seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Reach out to our specialist Crime litigators or complete an online enquiry form for an instant response.
Contact to explore your legal options for initiating a Corporate Manslaughter defence.


With the ever-increasing use of online auction sites, selling fake products (pharmaceuticals, CDS, designer goods, accessories, etc.) has become a more common criminal offence.
If you or your company is trading products in good faith but still facing counterfeiting investigation, you could be severely penalised.
Axis Solicitors provide expert and rationale advice for our clients facing proceedings for any allegations related to counterfeiting.
Hence, we can assist you with suspected counterfeiting with our deep understanding and knowledge of rules and regulations surrounding counterfeiting.

CumEx Trading Investigations

If you are an employee or a business under such lethal investigations, be aware of its long term disruptive impact. Your company can be ‘stripped’ of its financial assets for an indefinite period.
Therefore, the CumEx trading scheme is considered a severe criminal offence involving tax evasion in private and public financial sectors. Thus, it is vital to protect yourself from such harmful criminal litigations.
Our crime specialist lawyers at Axis deal with CumEx trading investigations as one of the many high-profile cases.
To safeguard your resources, time and above all, your company’s reputation, seek our guidance today.

Environmental Agency Investigations

If you are part of a construction, energy and utility, transportation, farming company, etc, your business can impact the environment. You or your organisation is likely to be interrogated for any breach of environmental regulations or may have to face strict proceedings under Environmental Agency Investigations and prosecutions.
The outcomes can be seriously disrupting and put you at high risk of adverse publicity, disqualification and even imprisonment. If you are an innocent business, alleged by the Environmental regulatory authorities, now is the time to realise your potential liabilities.
Connect with our Environmental law Solicitors at Axis to minimise the risks of breaches. We will conduct internal investigations to identify issues and scope risks by steering you through prosecution and investigation proceedings.
Explore how our pragmatic and strategic plan can assist you in self-reporting. Connect with us.

False Accounting

You’ll be surprised to know that false accounting is considered one of the corporate crimes. It may even involve appointing new clients to publicise a company’s reputation. Moreover, submitting false/inaccurate or deceptive records is part of false accounting (defined under Section 17 of the Theft Act 1968).
However, if you or your organisation are being interrogated or facing proceedings for allegations of false accounting, in that case, you should immediately seek legal advice and representation.
Our experts at Axis can assist you with their in-depth knowledge and understanding of standard accounting policy.
To minimise the risks of being penalised with false accounting, be it a large business or a family-run outfit or an overseas company, our expert Solicitors can guide and represent you from all across the United Kingdom. So contact us now at 0800 048 7573

Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) Investigations

Our expert FCA defence lawyers can offer you practical advice and guidance on proceeding with your interview when alleged against Financial Conduct Authority Investigations.
Furthermore, we can even represent you/your company before courts (from Tribunal & High court to Magistrate and courts).
FCA investigations may take several forms, from insolvency to injunctions and even criminal proceedings and investigations.


In practice, counterfeiting, insider dealing, charity fund, false accounting, tax evasions are several types of frauds.
If you and your company are suspended for such a criminal offence, you may have to face criminal prosecution or an interview under caution.
At times, you may receive a notice of freezing or restraining order without any foreseeable warning. To avoid any subsequent risks of being sanctioned or imprisoned, you should speak to our Fraud and Business crime solicitors.
We’ll do our best to build a strong fraud defence team (covering finance professionals, litigation experts, accountants, forensic specialists, etc.) in your defence.