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Expert Lawyers in Birmingham

Our dedicated and reliably well-qualified Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham can help you with Personal and Business Immigration applications (Appeals, fast track applications, etc.) Whether you wish to enter the UK temporarily (Visit Visa Route) or want to permanently settle (Indefinite Leave to Remain & British Citizenship), our Birmingham-based Immigration experts are here to offer you the finest legal services over the range of immigration matters. 

We actively maintain our communication with Home Office and are well-versed with the UK immigration rules and regulations. We, therefore, guarantee quality services & positive results through our legal representatives who are highly experienced and who will formulate a rational application portfolio for you, which satisfies the UKVI eligibility criteria.

Feel free to reach out to us at 0121 260 5566 or find us on social media for a quick online query to explore which route/ visa options works best for you. Axis Birmingham is one of the legally preemptive affiliated branches with three other legal branches across the UK. With our high priority to serve the clients with care and consideration, we ensure that your application is in accordance with the UK Immigration policy.

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    Our Premium Immigration Services in Birmingham 

    Birmingham immigration service, what our experts can offer?

     Our Birmingham Office offers several personalised services based on the range of immigration matters, including:

    • Providing a one-on-one advice session via telephone call/Zoom meeting/in-person arranged at your discretion within the schedule that suits you best
    • Preparing a well-drafted application per the Home Office standards with a reliable set of evidence to increase your chances of visa approval
    • Critical assessment of your case per your circumstances by one of our assigned Legal experts
    • Gathering the right set of documentary proof, and
    • Assessing your eligibility criteria

    With these most featured Immigration advisory services, our Birmingham immigration services further cover advising you genuinely about your application step by step; what to do, how to do it, how to go about it, and what should you do next.

    When you connect with our SRA-regulated Birmingham Immigration experts, we will ensure that your immigration process is seamless while compiling and submitting your visa application until getting the required results.

    So what are the primary UK immigration visa categories that Birmingham Solicitors can assist you with?

    • Spouse Visa
    • Family Visa
    • Visitor Visa
    • Work Visa
    • Business Visa
    • Leave to remain
    • Indefinite leave to remain/ settlement
    • British Citizenship through a British Naturalization

    It becomes an obligatory role that Axis Solicitors make it their top-most priority to operate with dedication while choosing the correct immigration route for their clients. Hence, we can diligently assist in finalising a sound and well-formulated application for you. Our support services are not only limited to initial consultation sessions; when we prepare your application, we are very thorough in helping you to gather a sufficient and appropriate set of evidence to appease the Home Office preferences. The list of supporting documents and gathering process could be lengthy, so our Birmingham Solicitors not only assure that you are at ease by relieving you of all the daunting hustle while assisting you with the exact set of documents required, but we also inform you about the success of your visa approval.

    Why Hire Immigration Solicitor in Birmingham? 

    The ever-changing UK immigration rules and regulations have made it a somewhat overwhelming and laborious journey for immigrants to get instant visa approval from the Home Office. Whether it’s a family visa, work visa, spouse visa, business or visitor’s visa, or any other Immigration visa category.

    Often, frequent visits to even the local embassy centres could be frustrating with the fear of uncertainty that you might lack a piece of sufficient evidence that could put your application for a subsequent refusal. This could be a painstaking experience, especially when you are longing to start your work or study or even wanting to meet your loved ones in the UK at the earliest without any further delays.

    To avoid the overwhelms of such a chaotic experience, the rationale step is always to pursue legal assistance before applying for any UK immigration visa category, which not only genuinely promises a successful application submission but also guarantees a visa grant.

    Our Birmingham Solicitors branch will thoroughly assist you with our customised legal services from the beginning till the very end. Our Axis Birmingham team will keep up the momentum of your application merits by putting together the additional supporting proof, whether it’s a business visa/family/spouse/study visa or any other visa. We can put you at ease by lifting the tiring and otherwise precarious risks of getting visa refusals, for instance, the risk of providing incomplete, incorrect or otherwise false evidence that doesn’t meet the Home Office immigration policy or otherwise put your application result into jeopardy.

    Benefits for Hiring Best Immigration Solicitors Birmingham:

    Our Immigration Solicitors at the Birmingham branch are highly reviewed for the following features they provide:

    • Eligibility criteria -assessment depending on the individual circumstances/situation/case before applying for an immigration visa category; thereby assure minimal risks of visa refusals based on insufficient evidence while probing for any and improving the merits for success with your visa application.
    • Timely execution of action plan— our highly trained Immigration specialists with years of in-house experience are honed with exceptional efficiency to screen and probe for all the merits of your application collation to ensure it meets the standards of the Home Office Policy.
    • A sound well-founded cover letter to further boost the merits of your application per the Home Office Standards—a detailed letter from the legal representative could substantiate your chances of successful visa application.
    • A comprehensive review of the complete application— completion of an irrefutable case can undoubtedly save your quality time and relieve you of the laborious and frustrating juggle to source and gather the documentary files; so you can timely submit your application without any further delays. We have been serving several clients who are duly confident of availing our services available at the Birmingham based office.

    Does Axis provide the best immigration services in Birmingham? 

    We are among the best Immigration service providers in Birmingham. Our Birmingham Branch is notably well known for its high-quality immigration expertise and offers the UK’s best legal services. We have been receiving positive feedbacks through our reviews from our clients. Our superefficient services have yielded a positive output through the high application success rate.

    Likewise, our highly devoted Immigration Solicitors at Birmingham hold years of experience. Their top-most priority is to ensure our clients don’t suffer from any unnecessary hurdle or overwhelming fear of getting a visa refusal. Therefore, our Immigration solicitors at Axis Birmingham carefully compile, draft the application and understand that it is the most critical and time-sensitive step in any immigration visa category.

    Our friendly and highly professional legal staff can arrange a personalised advice session via a call, video chat or an in-person meeting. We book this advice session scheduled at the discretion of the most suitable time that suits you better. With this flexibility in booking appointments, you can reach out to us any time; be sure to avoid any 11th-hour advice/ support. You can approach us instantly and trust our well-versed legal experts before preparing or submitting your application directly to the Home Office.

    With our affordable service charges and optimum chances of visa approval, we have made it far easier for our clients to enter and enjoy the privileged lifestyle in the UK, be it a family visa/spouse visa/worker visa or business and study visas.

    How can I identify the best Immigration Solicitors in the UK? 

    Generally speaking, many UK-based immigration lawyers are renowned for their impeccable services in effectively dealing with a range of immigration matters. Nevertheless, it is always recommended to seek guidance and identify the best immigration experts based on their proven and unswervingly positive feedbacks from their respective clients. Before reaching out and avail of the services of Birmingham Immigration Solicitors, you should initially track three attributes, a sound success record, positive reviews from their respective clients, and a high qualification profile, which are the key identifiers when hiring a trustworthy and good immigration expert in the UK.

    How can Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham help me with my application?

    Our Birmingham Solicitors deal with the range of immigration categories and subcategories and draft the visa applications per the Home Office eligibility requirements up to the premium standards. We have succeeded in reverting various visa refusals (entry clearance/extension/ILR refusals), overturning decisions through judicial reviews, reverted deportation orders, in-country visa rejections, and so forth. Our immigration Solicitors in Birmingham have served many clients in their successful entry to the UK and subsequent rights to work, study, live, and even permanently settle in the UK with our efficient and prompt action plan.

    From the simple visa applications like the spouse visa to the ever-complicated cases and claims such as JR, Asylum/Humanitarian Protection Rights to challenging the Home Office decision with High Court appeals, our Immigration lawyers in Birmingham offer an anticipatory service package with promising results— indisputable application with attention to detail.

    I don’t reside in Birmingham; can I still hire an Immigration Lawyer who is based in Birmingham? 

    Yes, you certainly can!  At a glance, you might be concerned about how to go about,

    when Hiring  Immigration Lawyer from Birmingham.

    In practice, you are initially required to book appointments with one of the Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham via a telephonic call. b) Physically visit in person to seek one-on-one advisory sessions, be it any UK immigration matter from a more straightforward visa route such as the Spousal visa to complex cases like Claiming Judicial Review/Fresh Asylum, etc.

    It can be an exhausting journey to wait longer, tirelessly and impatiently for the slot that you booked a couple of weeks ago via telephonic call, especially when you need urgent legal assistance, support, and guidance on your concerns or about an urgent immigration matter.

    One of the best advantages that you will avail yourself of via our friendly Birmingham Immigration team at Axis Solicitors is that you can book us from anywhere globally (even when you live outside the UK). We offer virtual services—Zoom/Skype/WhatsApp/ Facebook portal meetings, advice sessions and online support through social media networking. So, if you cannot visit our Birmingham Solicitors office, you can still virtually avail of our services with the same quality, efficiency, and effectiveness as when you could when visiting us in person in the UK.

    Are you looking for urgent legal assistance in Birmingham? 

    When you submit your visa application, the average processing time for the decision to reach back to you generally takes from 3-8 weeks and even longer, depending on the complexity of the case. You certainly don’t want to intermingle and entangle yourself waiting to hear from the Home Office, and often, the tireless waiting doesn’t turn out to be rewarding; if you still get a negative response with a visa refusal.  If you are looking for urgent legal assistance in Birmingham, we are always here to provide prompt guidance and immediate support through super-fast track priority services. The requirements of various immigration routes vary significantly, whether you’re planning to apply for the rights to remain, extension, permanent settlement or for British citizenship.

    With the services we provide at Axis Birmingham, we keep track of your application status and ensure that you are provided with quality services. Our Birmingham Lawyers’ services at Axis are ideal, either it is for urgent work/business meetings or a family wedding event awaiting ahead in the UK.

    I wish to pay a short-term visit to the UK; do I still need Birmingham Immigration lawyer assistance? 

    Yes, you might do! In principle, as with any immigration route, the UKVI policy is tightly regulated and is very strict when it comes to meeting the eligibility criteria under the UK visitor visa, even if you are planning to stay in the UK for a short while. So, if you wish to travel and enter the UK for a short-term visit, i.e., a 6-months stay, you should apply for the UK visitor visa immigration category. Be sure to initially pursue legal assistance who holds significant experience dealing with and filing any immigration-related cases. This will not only assure a well-formulated application but a successful submission, for any misinformation/ lack of evidence would automatically lead to visa refusals. Our Birmingham Immigration Lawyers are a devoted legal support team to avoid such precarious hustles, who can offer you a high-quality service package covering application documents collation, super-fast track priority, and appeal services.

    Under a UK visitor visa, you can travel to the UK and enjoy various purposeful activities such as short vocational courses, medical treatments, short-term business activities, or even enjoying holidays with family or friends, enjoy tourism and leisure activities, etc.

    So, immediately get in touch with our Immigration Solicitors in Birmingham, and avoid unnecessary delays.

    How can I get UK business Visa?  

    In principle, before applying to any UK business visa category, you must meet the major eligibility criteria per UKVI preferences.

    If you are a non-EEA citizen wanting to conduct a business for a short period of 6-months, you are required to apply for Business visitor visas, except when you are sponsored by the UK Licensed Employer, in which case you should apply for a UK Sole REP Visa instead. It is important and worth keeping in mind that you apply for the right business visa category before applying.  For instance; A Business visitor visa doesn’t permit you to claim the rights to paid work/employment; you can only perform limited business activities for a period no longer than 6-months, and Business visa holders have to leave the UK before the expiry.

    Whether you are planning to execute short-term business activities through a business visitor visa or a business professional looking for long-term business plans –to invest in the UK business under Tier1 Innovator, Tier 1 Investor and Tier 1 Start-up Visas UK, our highly qualified immigration Lawyers in Birmingham are always here to offer you guidelines and support. Preparing the original/extension/appeal evidence profile to satisfy the major eligibility conditions under the Business visitor Visa route is generally the initial and most critical step before applying. If you hold a graduate degree or a certificate of sponsorship (CoS), your application procedure to satisfy the requirements might differ from the UK Business Employer. Our assistance is at your doorstep, devoted to helping you in your Immigration journey to enter the UK as an entrepreneur/ business person and invest in some of the major cities in the UK. We can even assist you in securing an endorsement from your endorsing body based in the UK and can even assist you with your business proposal.

    So, avail of one of the best Immigration advisory services in Birmingham.

    We are always looking forward to helping you, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with our friendly and highly qualified legal team via a call 0121 260 5566 or feel free to make an online query any time that suits you better. With our deluxe immigration service package (application portfolio preparation, fast-track priority services, visa refusals appeal), we make sure your chances of granting a business visa UK approval are exceptionally higher so you can get to enjoy the outstanding business activities in your desired corporate in the UK.

    Can we apply for UK Spouse visa from Birmingham?

    Yes, you can! UK Spouse Visa (UK family & Partner visa) allows the foreign married partner (husband/wife) to come to the UK, reside and permanently settle in with their British settled partner (sponsor). You can even join and live in the UK even if your partner has a refugee or ILR (Indefinite Leave to Remain); provided you are satisfying the major genuine relationship criteria per the Home Office immigration policy of staying together permanently inside the UK. Failing to qualify and prove these vital eligibility criteria is mostly the reason for marriage/spouse visa rejections.

    Our highly-trained immigration Birmingham experts at Axis Solicitors deal with spouse visa applications on a daily basis, from sourcing, gathering the application supporting files chronologically to submitting and keeping a solid track of the status of your application. We make sure your marriage visa application is drafted accurately and is well in line with the Home Office eligibility requirements and Standards. This further guarantees a successful application submission and a subsequent grant to a spouse visa so you can enjoy living with your partner in the UK. We also assist further with the extension and permanent settlement application. Moreover, clients also instruct us even when unmarried civil/proposed partners (UK fiancé visa) are willing to settle in the UK under the Family & Partner visa route.

    Without any hesitation, you can reach out to us with this trust and confidence that we will keep the balls rolling for you by helping you with your matter from start to finish.

    Connect with our friendly and dedicated team at our Birmingham office any time via a call  0121 260 5566 or drop your queries and concerns, and we will do our best to respond promptly.

    I wish to come to the UK for work. How could Solicitors help me?

    If you are a highly qualified foreign national looking to come to the UK for work, or any other prospective career opportunities in the UK; whether it’s a long-term work plan (Tier1, Tier2 worker visas category) or a temporary worker route (Tier5 worker visa), hiring one of the well-trained and exceptionally outstanding Immigration Birmingham experts is what you should be opting for. The Home Office policy for any immigration category is very strict and foreign applicants’ portfolio is put under stringent scrutiny for any missing information/false/incorrect evidence. With our manageable and highly exceptional premium services, we can jargon with you to put together a comprehensive and sound application portfolio per individual case/circumstances. Our highly engaging immigration lawyers in Birmingham, actively liaise with the Home Office agency till you receive a positive decision and worker visa approval.

    Before applying, it is crucially important to thoroughly review your eligibility criteria to identify which worker visa subcategory qualifies your rights to work in the UK. Furthermore, you should be able to satisfy and meet the 70-points based immigration system, if you are looking for a work permit. To be awarded these minimal points solely depends on your skill-sets, qualification, and eligibility per immigration worker visa subcategory.

    I am planning to study in the UK, how can Birmingham Solicitors help with the study visa application? 

    When you avail our services, one of our assigned Birmingham lawyers not only a) critically reviews your case but also assists you in b) preparing a sound and substantiated application per the home office preferences. Moreover, we further c) offer you a legal representation letter to boost the merits of your application per UKVI preferences, d) stay in touch with you at every stage, so you don’t have to struggle in such an exasperating journey when compiling the right set of documentary proof.

    If you are a foreign national looking to study in the UK and received acceptance from a nominated college/ university, you should apply for the UK Tier 4 study visa (point-based immigration route). Before submitting your study visa application, you are required to meet all the mandatory eligibility conditions to qualify and meet the minimal points (70-points).

    So, get in touch with our friendly Birmingham Solicitors, and seek immediate assistance for your T4 study visa application preparation, submission, and acceptance. So, you can get to enjoy your right to study in the UK’s top-ranked colleges and universities.

    Do I need help challenging the Home Office? Explore our advisory services in Birmingham for Immigration appeals! 

    It is frustrating to receive a refusal letter from the Home Office, where visa refusals are most common when you fail to satisfy some vital requirements or if the Home Office has missed considering some important piece of evidence etc. Often you are requested to provide additional evidence or even are required to attend a face-to-face interview with the Home office at the UKVI centres. However if the application is refused, under such circumstances, you may have a right to appeal against the Home Office decision or may be able to file a Judicial Review claim or administrative review depending upon the visa category; your refusal letter should state these options for you. Immigration appeals involve lodging your visa refusal claims to the First-Tier Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum Chamber) against the Home Office and are, therefore, one of the complicated legal areas. Thus instructing a legal representative is recommended.

    This is where our highly experienced Immigration lawyers in Birmingham can assist you; be it any immigration refusal (from entry clearance, leave to remain, spouse/marriage visa, to dependant visa, settlement, human rights visa applications, or any other category). We are well-versed with such a time-sensitive, intricate process, especially when lodging an appeal against decisions to the courts, i.e. First Tier Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, or even to the Court of Appeal.  So, avail of our Immigration services at our Birmingham office today.

    Feel free to get an initial consultation and further support and guidance for urgent appeals. We are only a call away, so don’t hesitate to connect with our friendly legal team via 0121 260 5566.

    Need help with the UK Judicial Review? Find out about Immigration Birmingham Judicial Review Services. 

    If you have received a refusal from the Home Office, and you feel that the decision was inappropriate, unfair, irrational, or unreasonable, i.e., disproportionality in the assessment of your application, Judicial Review (JR) becomes your right.

    However, the JR procedure is itself very tricky, which should be considered the last resort to challenge your refusals. Our SRA-regulated Immigration team at Axis Birmingham hold years of in-house experience honed with all sorts of immigration matters. We often recommend our clients initially pursue reconsideration requests or pre-action protocol claims involving dispute-free methods, which supersede the need of claiming for the costly and time-sensitive Judicial Review in the first place.

    If you still get a negative response from Home Office,  failing to reconsider the decision, we only then recommend you to claim for the Judicial review. Our highly experienced lawyers in Birmingham have experience filing Judicial Review claims, so it would always be advisable to seek legal assistance, support, and professional guidance before claiming for Judicial Review.

    When you get in touch with us, our Birmingham Solicitors can offer you the following Immigration Judicial Review services:

    • Assess the merits and offer initial consultancy for Judicial Review claims
    • Draft a well-grounded pre-action protocol letter before the claim
    • Formulate the compelling grounds with concrete rationales to justify why the UKVI decision was unfair and unjust
    • Preparation of substantial evidence for the Immigration Judicial Review proceedings.

    Need an Immigration advice?

    We can help clients across the UK. We service the work from our four offices
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