Making a Successful Spouse Visa Application

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Making a successful spouse visa UK application - A step-by-step guide to processing your Partner visa

A spouse visa/marriage visa allows a husband or wife (non-British partner) to come and join their partner in the UK. It shouldn’t surprise you that while the global pandemic and the blooming Hostile immigration policies are the major contributing factors to spouse visa refusals, never overlook the UKVI core eligibility requirements, which gauge the success of your partner visa application.

Spouse entry clearance applications have major rejection rates, and for many apparent reasons, the applicants end up making the most common mistakes which lead to the refusal of their spouse’s visa.

To make your spouse visa journey seamlessly smooth and juggle-free, let’s walk you through and follow the simple steps for a successful spouse visa application.

Step 1

Know which application form to fill in correctly and attach the right set of supporting documents

Partners (husband or wife) applying from outside the UK must use and fill in the form VAF4A to apply under this route.

Tidbits: The UKVI updates the visa application forms, so be sure to use the latest version ( no older version than the twenty-one days right before you apply for a UK spouse visa)

Step 2

Paying the correct spouse visa fee ( check the rates for the 2022-2023 Spouse visa application)

The spouse visa (entry clearance) fee is now £1,538 (a £15 increase from £1,523) with an Immigration Health Surcharge (IHS) of £1,872 ( for the duration of stay, i.e. 33 months on entry clearance visa). Ensure you pay the correct fee charges for both visa application and IHS; the latter will offer access to essential NIH healthcare facilities to your non-British Spouse once they are in the UK.

Tidbits: Always check the information on the latest changes to UK immigration visa and Nationality fees.

You can further check out our blog on ‘Hidden Costs of the UK Spouse Visa You Should Be Aware of in 2022’ .

Step 3

Meeting the English Language requirements

To successfully qualify for the Spouse visa UK, the joining partner must meet the language requirements (at least CEFR level A1 in speaking and listening for the entry clearance and advanced level B1 for the ILR status).

Protips: If you initially pass the CEFR level B1 or above, you can use the same IELTS Life Skills test for making subsequent ILR applications, provided the language test hasn’t been withdrawn. Alternatively, if you earned a foreign higher degree in an English-taught program, you can attach an ECCTIS ( formally UK NARIC) verified degree (Bachelor’s, master’s, PhD).

Proving your English language proficiency is a fundamental get-go for a successful spouse visa grant.

Step 4

Satisfying the genuine and subsisting relationship requirement

One of the sensitive steps of the spouse visa application is making sure you consistently prove that you ( the main applicant) and the UK-settled Spouse are in a genuine relationship for at least 2 years, have met in person, and intend to live together permanently.

Read the guidelines on how to prove relationship requirements.

‘You should be very careful when submitting proof for your marriage/relationship because if the embassy or consulate where you are applying suspects that you are in a fake marriage/relationship for visa benefits, they will automatically refuse your visa application’.

With this in mind, you must  be able to attach a valid Marriage certificate  and other supporting evidence ( check out our blog on ‘key documents required for the Spouse visa Application 2022’)

Step 5

Minimum income and Adequate maintenance requirements

The ‘minimum income threshold’ required is at least £18,600 without a child, which increased by £3,800 for the first child, followed by an additional £2,400 for every other child. Sadly, 40% of British nationals fail to meet this minimum income threshold. You often have to juggle between various sources of income (payslip of last 6 months, pensions, savings at or above £16,000 as a countable proof considered by the Home Office) as a combined gross income to satisfy the minimum financial threshold.

In certain situations, you can’t combine specific sources of income not permitted per the UKVI guidance under the financial requirements (including child benefits, loans, credit facilities, housing benefits, etc.).

Tidbits: You can prove your source of income / combined prospective earnings of both partners through self-employment, commercial or rental mortgage property, etc., which means you don’t necessarily have to wait for your UK partner to prove the earnings of £18,600 for at least 6-months or more.

Step 6

Getting a Spouse visa interview well prepared

Often, spouses are invited for a face-to-face interview when the UKVI suspects either the relationship is not genuine or specific supporting evidence in your application is missing. Getting all dressed up for a spouse visa interview might sound like a thrilling experience for you, but if you get all worked up and nervous, the home office can suspect that you are hiding something legit during the interview. Make sure you run a mock interview with your hired immigration expert and practice well with your partner because it is likely that you’ll be interviewed separately to cross-check the responses.

To boost your chances of a successful spouse  visa, get organized and seek a right legal guidance

Every couple gets nervous!

So gear up, be confident, ramp up your courage, and be well prepared.

Step 7

Get the right and tailored advice according to your Spouse’s personal circumstances

Beware of poor legal advice. You may end up jeopardizing your chances of a successful outcome!

Our expert Spousal visa lawyers at Axis hold a consistent, proven track record with a high spouse visa success rate by offering you good, affordable, and sincere advice.

Speak to one of our spouse visa immigration lawyers if you need guidance and support for your entry clearance, leave to remain, settlement, and even Nationality applications.

In a nutshell…

Don’t let your genuine relationship be affected by the poorly prepared application or relying on false legal guidance. Be proactive and don’t waste your time and energy preparing the application on your own! Always seek high-quality expert legal advice from the OISC regulated Solicitors. Following all these necessary steps will gear up your and your Spouse’s confidence that you have taken all the essential steps to ensure your Spouse’s visa application is successful.

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