Visa Notification – Set a reminder for your visa

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Don’t miss out on your upcoming visa deadline. A timely and correct application will greatly improve your chances of getting the result in your favor. Failing to meet the specific application submission deadline can put you in serious jeopardy. Get organised, set a early schedule. Get tailored advice and expert UK visa and Immigration guidance […]

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Switch 10-Year Route to 5-Year While Maintaining the Qualifying Period

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Good News! Switch your 10-year route to 5-year route while maintaining the qualifying period towards the settlement. Getting the Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) as a family visa route is one of the ways to achieve your goals to settle in the UK. Given the stringent ILR requirements, the overall process can be challenging, especially […]

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health care worker

UK Health & Care Visa Scheme Expanded


The UK makes individuals working in the social care sector, i.e., care assistants, care workers, carers, home care assistants, home carers and support workers (nursing home) eligible for health and care visa for 12 months. In response to the ongoing pandemic situation, care staff is to be added to the shortage occupation list. This scheme […]

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Youth Mobility Scheme

Youth Mobility Scheme- available to Indian and Icelandic Nationals from January 2022

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The T5 Youth Mobility Scheme visa is for young adults (18 -30) from specific participating countries and territories who wish to experience life in the United Kingdom for a period of up to 2 years. Under this scheme, you can live, travel and undertake employment in the UK without sponsorship. It is a once in […]

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Government’s New Plan for Immigration

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“Fair but Firm”, says Priti Patel. The Home Office published a new plan for immigration on 24th March concerning the illegal immigrants who are entering the UK and taking Asylum. The underlying plan is set up to build and create a better and fair illegal and Asylum immigration system that cannot be mistreated or misused […]

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Standard Visitor Visa Refusal

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Standard Visitor Visa Refusals – Can you appeal Appeal or submit a Judicial Review Claim? Get Expert Legal Advice for UK Standard Visitor Visa refusal Appeals and Judicial Review Claims! 0800 048 7573 At Axis solicitors, our SRA-regulated and highly qualified legal experts routinely deal with complex Judicial Review proceedings. Axis Solicitors can even offer […]

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UK Spouse Visa Refused – What to do next?

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Most Common reasons for Spouse visa UK Refusal One of the most common grounds of Spouse visa refusals is failing to meet the genuine relationship requirements. When applying as a partner or have plans to settle in via ILR permanently, you need to additionally prove the individual or combined income (minimum financial requirements), i.e. at […]

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Temporary (short-term) Visa Scheme Expected for Lorry Drivers

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The aftermath of the multifaceted crisis has created setbacks from supply chain issues to foreign lorry drivers workforce shortage in Britain. With the exit of the UK from the EU, many foreign drivers had to leave the country, leading to the shortage of fuel supplies, food and other essential logistics. In 2020, around 25,000 HGV […]

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