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What is Administrative Removal?

Administrative removal is the process by which certain individuals may be removed from the UK because they breached the immigration law.

When can you be removed from the UK?

Here are some common reasons that would lead to Administrative Removal from the UK:

  • If you fail to observe the conditions of your leave. For example, you are in the UK on a short-term visit visa. This has no right to work condition attached to your leave. If you are caught working whilst in the UK, the Secretary of State can initiate removal proceedings against you.
  • You overstay your leave in the UK. It is a criminal offence to knowingly overstay your leave in the UK;
  • You have been obtained leave to remain by deception, or have attempted to obtain such leave by deception;
  • You are the family member (such as a partner or child) of a person being removed;
  • You entered the UK clandestinely;
  • You entered the UK when there is a live deportation order against you;

The most common ground for administrative removal is where you have remained in the UK beyond the period of your limited leave.

Have you been removed from the UK?

If you have been removed from the UK previously, you may wish to contact our specialists to see whether you would qualify for re-entry into the UK, subject to meeting the necessary immigration rules.

Given the complexity of UK immigration rules and the possible legal challenges you may have to face, Our Detention and Deportation Appeal Specialists at Axis are compassionate and devoted to offer you proper advice and assistance.