Fee Waiver for Citizenship Registration for Individuals Under the Age of 18

Fee waiver applications opening on 16 June will allow under 18s to apply to have the £1,012 fee on applications for registration as a British citizen waived.

The applicants under 18 who can’t afford British citizenship can now apply for a fee waiver for their naturalisation application. A fee waiver would be granted if the applicant and parents have been assessed and proved:
  • that they are unable to afford the fee
  • that their income is not sufficient to meet the child’s needs
The primary consideration on whether someone is eligible for a fee waiver is an affordability test which will be conducted to assess whether the applicant and parents are unable to afford the fee. The concerned bodies will check if the applicant and parents have sufficient funds at their disposal, after meeting their essential living needs, to pay the fee. Once the affordability test demonstrates the insufficient funds, fee waiver would be granted to the applicant. The Home Office has set the benchmark to safeguard and promote the welfare of a child in the UK, and same will be considered while deciding the claim.

Essential Living Needs:

The essential living needs include the applicant’s or parents’ accommodation, clothing, food, toiletries, non-prescription medication, utilities and household cleaning items. It also includes, the cost of travel and communication that enables the person to maintain their relationships and access a reasonable level of social, cultural and religious life.