Depending on the applicant’s circumstances and the type of visa they hold, there are two types of forms;

Form Set (M)

The Set M form is used to apply for UK Indefinite leave to remain by partners, parents or children of a British citizen or someone with settled status / ILR.

Form Set (O)

For all those ILR applicants, Form Set (O) will be required in case of the following routes / who have been resident in the UK under the following visas:

  • T1 Investor Visas (Tier1)
  • Exceptional Talent Visas
  • Skilled worker Visas (General)
  • UK Ancestry Visas
  • Tier 2 Visas
  • PBS dependants

ILR application assistance and advice

Axis team of lawyers deal with ILR cases on a daily basis. We have a very high success rate with settlement applications. Reach out for clear advice and help with your ILR matters.