Switch 10-Year Route to 5-Year While Maintaining the Qualifying Period

Good News! Switch your 10-year route to 5-year route while maintaining the qualifying period towards the settlement.

Getting the Indefinite leave to remain (ILR) as a family visa route is one of the ways to achieve your goals to settle in the UK. Given the stringent ILR requirements, the overall process can be challenging, especially when you are on a 10-years route to settlement on any visa category. Previously, the qualifying period/time spent on the 10-year route wasn’t considered and incorporated when switching to a 5-year route towards the settlement. Therefore, one has to start over from scratch to complete their 5-years. Moreover, applicants under the 10-years route had to pay more amount due to the number of extensions after every 33 months one has to go through to seek ILR, which made it a more expensive route than the 5-year route.

However, changes have been made to “continuous resident requirements” under the two main categories – Settlement on a Family Visa & Private life. As of 20th June 2022, both non-British partners or a parent, young adults, and dependants of seven-year resident children on the 10-year route who are eligible to switch to the 5-year route will be able to combine the qualifying period/time spent on the 10-year route towards the 5-year. This change will eventually accelerate your qualifying time for the ILR.

Remember, the ILR 180-days rule would still apply, which means you can not stay outside the UK within 12 months under the new Indefinite leave to remain application made based on family visas & Private Life.

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